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You know what’s kinda funny? Everyone seems to call them “jogging” strollers, but so many runners get offended when you refer to them as “joggers.” Hmmm, just a little food for thought.  Did someone say “food???”

runI am by no means an expert on this topic, but since Ethan has become my little running buddy, I thought I’d share the wisdom I have acquired over the past few months. We’ve done two races, and my longest run with him has been 5 miles. I don’t want to keep him there longer than an hour, but that’s obviously a mommy decision – to each her own.

The Stroller

I went with the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, in Tangerine (aka: Clemson Orange). I also bought the matching infant car seat that clicks into this stroller so that wee little babies can ride in it.

strollerIs it the fanciest/nicest/”best” out there? No. But it was best for me. I planned on casually jogging with my baby but didn’t plan on running any competitive races. I was also on a budget. The BOB I wanted was $460 MSRP, and the Graco was $160.

I’m still happy with Graco. It has the necessities:

  •  inflatable rubber tires
  • the aforementioned car seat adapter
  • locking or unlocking front wheel (I lock for jogging, but I wanted to be able to unlock since this is my primary/multi-purpose stroller, not just running.)
  • suspension (It’s the cheapest stroller I found with suspension, but I may be mistaken since I got this information from a third-party site)

The downside? It’s heavy. This is the heaviest stroller I was comparing, but if a smoother ride for my baby means a harder workout for me, I say bring it on!

When can I start?

Most resources state that you should not jog with baby until he or she is 6 months of age because the bumpy ride can cause lasting neck and/or spinal injuries. Many sources also state that if you have a car seat adapter you can jog earlier, about 4 months, because the infant car seat has a more secure harness and keeps baby snug.

runnerI ran with E in the car seat adapter for the first time around 5.5 months, but we avoided bumpy areas (ie: cracked sidewalks). We completed a 4-mile race which was on hilly but very smooth pavement on just our second run.

raceI still run with E in the car seat adapter even though he’ll be 9 months old next week. He still fits, so the extra weight just creates a better workout. Yet again, I say bring it on!

Tips n’ Wisdom

  • Lock the front wheel when running.
  • Always run with the safety strap around your wrist.
  • Try to avoid bumpy terrain and routes near cars.
  • Keep baby comfy! If it’s too hot, cold, windy, sunny- go find yourself a treadmill.
  • Protect baby from the elements. (ie: pack sunscreen or bundle him/her when chilly)
  • Don’t expect to run your normal pace.
  • Push lightly, usually with one arm when possible to maintain your best form.
  • Don’t lean over the stroller; poor form can lead to injury.

babyWhat stroller do you use? Got any tips/tricks for me?

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10 Responses to Stroller Running

  1. thanks for posting about your stroller endeavours so far. I am trying to wait until 6 months to take him because I don’t trust my adapter/car seat combo for running. Yours looks way more secure than mine does. We got the Baby Jogger Summit X3, my Mom had offered to pay for our stroller so that’s the only reason we got a $500 one! I’m way too cheap haha!

    • Karen H says:

      I have that stroller. LOVE it! (Mine was also a gift from my mom.) I’ve been using it for a year and a half, and am still really happy with it.

  2. Tina Muir says:

    Interesting Tiff, I will be saving this post for future need…….may be a long way in the future, but someday I hope to need these tips 🙂 I had noticed people called them jogging strollers….but a lot of people still say to me “do you need to go for a jog?’….I almost want to say EXCUSE ME….I DO NOT “jog” 80 MILES A WEEK!!! Rant over haha! You are so much more calm than me 😛

  3. I started running with my son earlier but, like you, avoided bumpy uneven terrain when I could. I use the Bob Revolution SE and did have the infant adapter. We used to do nap time runs so I could go longer (up to 10 miles) but now that’s be older (almost 2) he maxes out at 5! He does cheer me on now “fast mama” which is pretty darn cute!!

  4. All great tips! I wonder what it’d be like running with a double stroller. I’d imagine it be pretty challenging, but I’ll have to look into it more.

  5. Karen H says:

    Great tips. I didn’t get my jogging stroller until my son was 7 months old, so that is when we started using it. I have to say, I think the resistance workout of stroller running made me a lot faster. It is a great workout.

  6. cottercrunch says:

    so i pushed my clients stroller 2x for her when we ran, i died! you are buff and amazing! teach me when i have kids some day.

  7. Running with a stroller is no joke!! You are impressive! One day I will do it more often. One day. Haha

  8. Denise G. says:

    We splurged on a BOB when I was 6 months pregnant. REI had a 20% off coupon that they was valid on the Bob’s (which is rare) and we had a store and Visa gift card so if brought the cost down to a reasonable amount. I love how easily maneuverable the thing is. We did some walking when I was on maternity leave but working 10 hour days with a long commute proves to wear me out at this point. Maybe one day I’ll get back to my running. So far when he’s in the infant seat/stroller he naps so sometimes I used it as a last resort to get him to sleep. It’s our primary stroller as well and so far it’s worked out. It folds up easily but does take up a lot of space in the spare room or trunk.

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