World Cup

Happy Friday! This post is kind of all over the place, so follow along best ya can. I’m starting off with the World Cup. I would have loved to make it to Brazil this year. Like, really really loved. The pic below is a throwback to the 2006 World Cup in Germany.


World Cup, Germany: USA v Italy

But Ethan has me grounded here in the states. That’s okay – I’ll make the next one… wishful thinking, eh?

ethanOnce Ethan goes to bed at night, I can catch the end of whatever night game is on tv. Let’s just say I’ve been enjoying it for more than the fancy footwork. Yes ladies, these are all players in this summer’s tournament, and they’re sprinkled throughout this post for your viewing pleasure.

russiaBut speaking of worldliness, I’ve decided I want to move to Barcelona once Kevin and I retire, or are empty-nesters, or just feel like it. Of course, I’ll probably change my mind by then, I’m not buying any beachfront (okay, or at least tiny little studio apartment with ocean view terrace) any time soon.

franceBut speaking of beachfront, I’ve been working on this beach body. (<– See what I did there?) E’s grandma was visiting yesterday, so she watched him while I hit the gym. I got a new barbell curl PR, 45#, 3 sets of 6.  Woop!

spainOh, and I got an extra bicep burn by carrying E through Target and then later allowing him to nap in my arms. My left arm was burning, but he was in a deep, snoring sleep, and my heart melted. It was the best part of  my day!

ronaldoOkay, that’s all – Happy Friday!!

  • Are you watching any of the World Cup?
  • Do you know where you’d like to retire?

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10 Responses to World Cup

  1. Thanks for the scattered soccer player photos- no complaints here lol! I was wishing I could make it to the world cup too, I went to Rio in 2004, it is an incredible city. Retiring? California I think. 🙂

  2. I’m not a big soccer fan but who can argue with those photos? 😉

  3. Tiffany says:

    Lol I’m not a soccer fan, but they are lookin’ good. I’ll retire in wherever city my son and his future family will be living lol.

  4. I definitely don’t watch soccer, but you may have just changed my mind…
    And that photo of Ethan. Ohmygod show that at his wedding, So adorable!

  5. I wish I liked soccer so I could get into the world cup! But I simply can’t get into it…but I like the guys ;). I would probably retire to wherever my family is – if I have grandkids I want to be able to spoil them!

  6. I’m sorry, but… what? You were saying something? I got a little distracted by all the man candy littered throughout this post :mrgreen: I haven’t been watching any of the games, but omg… I think I have to start.

  7. I don’t understand why you didn’t write any words for this post… Oh, wait. Never mind, I see some text here and there!

  8. I am enjoying the football, although I get a bit annoyed by all the people who pretend to be football fans and just watch the England games – now we have been knocked out I can just enjoy the exciting matches between other countries.
    I would like to retire near the sea, or by some lovely countryside for plenty of walks I think..

  9. scanney says:

    I must be missing out! I’m not really into the world cup at all…but those photos my have convinced me otherwise! Ha!

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