Ethan Update!

It has been a while since I’ve given an Ethan update. I consider myself more of a “mom with a blog” than a “mom blogger,” so I guess that’s why. However, it doesn’t take long for a lot to change when it comes to babies. They grow so dang fast!

hatEthan is currently loving hats. He’s also loving Scout, a little dog that sings and talks and whatnot. It’s pretty cute, I have to admit.

scoutEthan doesn’t like alone time. We’re working on it though, just a wee bit at a time. I never wanted to fall into “attachment parenting” (AP) style, but it kind of happened, and this kid is totally spoiled. I know it’s my fault, so we’re doing what we can. Lawwwwwd help this child if he ever gets a sibling!

aloneOh, Ethan also hates teeth. The poor little guy still doesn’t technically have any, but I see a little white nub just under his gums that’s trying to bust through. Ouchies!

This may also be why the gym nursery people called me to come get him again yesterday. I squeezed in my fastest treadmill 5k, and I got about 30 seconds into a cool down before I heard, “Will Ethan’s mom please come to childcare…” Ughhhhhh. No stretching for me!

babySo anyway, I also wanted to mention his sleep. We recently (has it been two weeks, one week? I forget…) tried sleep training, and it sucked. Suck as it did, it also worked. Of course, now that the teething is in full-swing, that could all change, but it did work.

He was sleeping all night (7:30pm to 5:00am) about 20-25% of the time, so I knew he could do it. The other times he would wake at 3:30am, and I’d put him back to bed after giving him a bottle. He wasn’t even hungry for breakfast when he woke in the morning, so I knew this kid was taking the bottle for comfort, not hunger.

The first night we did Cry It Out (CIO) with comfort checks (no picking up and no bottles) approximately every 10 minutes. It took 75 minutes of crying! The second night it took 60 minutes. That was NOT working. Yes, I cried too; my brick of a husband  showed no emotion. The third night he slept until 4:30am.

ethan8-Month Ethan

I hear it’s best to let one person do all the checks, so I volunteered. I also hear it’s best to let the least emotional one do them, but that didn’t work for us since Kevin has to work the next day.

The fourth night, we let him CIO without checks for an hour. It was hard, but for me (and for Ethan) it was harder going in and checking on him without actually picking him up and feeding him.

BAM. That did it. He just needed to CIO without checks. Since then he has been sleeping from 7:30pm to 4:30-5:30am. The first week he woke at 4:30, which was hard. His naps were also off, and he was sooooo cranky. I was going bonkers!!

ethanFor Contrast, 1-Month Ethan

His naps are now getting back on schedule, and he’s waking closer to 5-5:30am now. I’d prefer 5:30-6, but I’ll take it.

I know CIO methods and sleep training are controversial, and I am very glad I waited until he was 8 months old before trying it. However, I gave my baby the gift of a good night sleep, and that’s definitely a good thing.

  • Mamas, done CIO?

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8 Responses to Ethan Update!

  1. Loved reading this Ethan update! So, the CIO methods and sleep training things are something Justin and I talked about, but not something I’m looking forward too, especially with two babies. It’s going to be tough, but at the same time I think it’ll be important to do. Should be interesting…

  2. We have! I agree we have to do CIO without checks too, with checks she’d still wake up to see me. I really think it is not as hard/bad as people make it out to be. She really only fusses with some crying, but I know she is never too upset since there is rarely tears.

  3. I can’t believe that contrast of the 8 month vs 1 month. It is so crazy how fast they grow!

  4. Jade says:

    I think I said it before, but you feel absolutely dreadful when you do CIO, but it’s needed for everybody. When we finally did it for real (aka the last time we did it) we did do it without checks and that was our key to success too. And although you can read about stress/cortisol levels when making them cry it out, they will not remember and heck my kiddo still loves me to pieces!

  5. Michelle says:

    We have CIO’d with all of the kids at some stage. Each one was different and at different ages. L was probably the toughest – but she’s also the most stubborn, go figure! We never did it with checks – that would have been too hard. If anything, this just prepares you for saying “no” when they get older even if you really WANT to give in. I’m kind of a sucker.

  6. Brittney says:

    We only did CIO without checks. I knew if I went in there and just patted her or whatever, it wasn’t going to do anything more than get her all riled up that I wasn’t picking her up, so I just didn’t go it at all and it worked for us. It was actually easier than I thought it would be, thank god. Glad you guys figured it out. I think it’s only gotten easier since we did it, other than the occasional messed up night from teething.

    • Tiff says:

      If you don’t mind my asking, what did you do after a messed up night? Traveling this weekend threw him off, and we’re struggling to get back.

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