Functional Fitness Friday (At Home)

Happy Friday! I’m in a pretty good mood today, but my legs aren’t. They’re incredibly sore from this week’s workouts, which doesn’t bode well for my race tomorrow. Yikes!

I’ll stick to yoga today and will try and rest up a bit. Of course, that’s not so easy with an active kiddo. No, he’s still not on the move, but he wants to be! Ethan always wants me to walk him all over the house, and he doesn’t really like sitting still. Ugh… exhausting.

gymI’m not sure what made my legs sore in the first place, but I made them worse with my Functional Fit workout that I did yesterday. It’s not even that lower-body focused, but I guess I upping the bosu bicep curls and bosu weighted bridge lifts was too much for recovering muscles.

Side note, I used a 40# bar and completed 3 sets of 8 curls with it. BAM! That’s a lot for me, but I guess that’s what happens when you carry around a baby all day, especially a 20# baby!

poolAfter posting the workout last week, I had a few requests for an at-home version. If I’m stuck at home, here’s what I do instead. It’s not as good as the gym routine, but it’s waaaay better than nothing! (Oh, and I’ve been called via overhead speaker to get my screaming baby out of the childcare area both times I went to the gym this week, sooooo let’s hope that gets better soon….)

  1. Pushups (3 sets of 20, or whatever you can do)
  2. DB Row (single-arm)
  3. DB Swing (just like a KB swing)
  4. DB Wood Choppers (complete reps on one side then switch)
  5. Triceps Extension with Resistance Band*
  6. Squat to Bicep Curl with Resistance Band (band under feet, hold ends in hands)
  7. Side Plank with Hip Flexion/Adduction**

I feel like I have so much more to say, but I’m just going to wrap up with some link love.

So there ya have it. What are you up to tonight/today?

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4 Responses to Functional Fitness Friday (At Home)

  1. I did lower body yesterday and my legs are SORE! It’s kind of a good feeling though, since I know that means I kicked my booty yesterday! Ahhh Ethan is such a cutie 🙂

  2. Ah Ethan! Let mommy workout!!!

  3. Krissie J says:

    I so agree with the clean eating link. Hope your race went well and legs are feeling good now! 🙂

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