Moderate Exercise WIAW

Happy WIAW! I had a bunch of food pictures to share, but iCloud decided to misplace half of them.  Womp Womp.  Oh well, here we go!

Breakfast: coffee (x’s 100000), English muffin, pb, blueberries

breakfastSnack: ThinkThin protein bar on the way to the mall and after my moderate morning exercise, ToneItUp’s Bikini Arms workout and an abs routine, plus 60 pushups

Ethan shares his dad’s sentiments on shopping. Ha. I got moderate exercise at the mall – an exercise in willpower.  I didn’t totally refrain from spending money, but I only bought one little sweater for Ethan for $8, originally $35.  I’ll call it a win.

mallLunch: Chipotle! chicken, brown rice, pinto beans, extra pico and lettuce – I met my dad for lunch, and he got a burrito.

chipotleSnack: apricot Chobani – I shared a few bites with Ethan, and he loved it.

I followed this with more moderate exercise, walking a couple slow miles with Ethan napping in the stroller.

Dinner: Flatout open-faced quesadillas, or Mexi-pizzas, with corn on the side (fat-free refried beans, cheddar cheese, sauted onion, pepper, and zucchini, and a dab of salsa)wiawCan you go to the mall and not spend money?

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6 Responses to Moderate Exercise WIAW

  1. Now I want chipotle. Actually, who am I kidding? I always want Chipotle!

  2. Mmmm…Chipotle!!! Now I’m totally having a craving for a burrito and it’s not even 9 a.m.! Ha!

  3. as long as I stay far far away from anywhere with food props or food I can definitely not spend money. Thankfully most stores involve clothes and luckily fashion ain’t my thing!

  4. I’m going to have to go with no, I can’t… but that’s mostly because I only go to the mall when I plan on buying something and avoid it at all other times. I’m definitely not a shopaholic.

  5. Can I go to the mall and not spend money? It’s usually a pretty big challenge, lol.

  6. Holy cow! 60 pushups?! I’m seriously blown away. haha.
    I avoid the mall like the plague at all costs. I can’t stand the mall in my city.

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