Monday, Already?

Hello Monday. So we meet again. Okay, I can’t be too hard on Monday. I know this post is quite late, but E and I have been having a pretty good day, thanks to good naps, a workout, and an outing with my moms’ group.

But Monday is still Monday, and I’d rather chat about the weekend.

On Friday, Ethan and I met Kevin out for happy hour. When you have a small person, getting out for happy hour is about as good as it gets for a “night out.” Ha, we take what we can get. Ethan had all the ladies’ attention.


On Saturday Ethan and I went for a run. It was slow, but I’m happy to report a significant reduction in foot pain. Now if only I can keep it slow and steady and not make it worse! Friends joined us later that evening for burgers and drinks. They brought their small person too, so that was fun.


Sunday was pretty typical, church, chores, and the grocery store. My parents made things a bit more interesting by stopping in for Sunday supper. I made my Italian Turkey Meatloaf, and it was fantastic! (meatloaf lovers unite)


  • So what were you into this weekend?
  • How’s your Monday treatin’ ya?

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8 Responses to Monday, Already?

  1. I suppose this wouldn’t be the best time to say that it’s a long weekend for us up here in Canada… Bbt you guys will get the last laugh since it’ll be a long one for you next week and we’ll be at work. Womp womp.

  2. We can’t even make it to happy hour with our little guy, he goes to be super early. So my big night is having pizza and wine and watching a movie without falling asleep during it, hehe.

  3. I’m glad the foot is getting better!

  4. YAyyyyy for reduced foot pain! Hope it’s all gone soon!!

  5. Hope your foot heals soon- maybe eat more meatloaf. That’s like magic in…meat form.

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