Five for Friday

Who’s ready for the weekend?  Me me me! I don’t have that much planned, but there’s just enough on my calendar to have me excited. (Yeah, I definitely don’t get out and about all that much with the 17.5-lb ball and chain.)

1. I love the convenience of the Tone It Up #BikiniSeries program, but I’m just not feeling the workouts this week. No really, no sore muscles here. They’re just so darn easy! I’ve still been following the program because it works with my schedule, but I’m going to have to switch it up sooner or later.

gym selfie

2. Does anyone else think of Elton John’s “Your Song” whenever they hear Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” song? Maybe it just comes to mind more for me because Elton’s was the first dance song at our wedding, but I don’t think I’m the only one.

first dance

3. E had his first meal in public on Wednesday night. He and I did dinner with my mom at Brio, and he also sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time. All things considered, he did great!


4. Chic-fil-a knows what’s up. I stopped by for lunch on Wednesday and got a chargrilled chicken wrap sans dressing. I don’t normally do fast food, but sometimes I get a hankerin’ for some Chic-fil-a. I thought it was a bit pricey, but I soon figured out why. That was delicious! If you’re looking for a healthy option while out and about, I totally recommend it. No pic – I didn’t expect it to be that tasty!

5. Imagine how healthy the world would be if everyone got this excited about carrots.


And there ya have it.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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8 Responses to Five for Friday

  1. Sometimes I get that excited about my carrots! But usually only when they’re accompanied by nut butter or hummus 😉 And I do know that fast food craving quite well. Lately I’ve actually been feeling a hankering for McD’s fries coming on. I wonder when it’ll hit full force.

  2. HA! Imagine how the world would be if we got that excited about anything LOL. Also I feel the same way about TIU sometimes!

  3. Chik-Fil-A is just so gosh darn tasty!

  4. Ethan getting excited about carrots is just so darn cute! I wish they excited that much! 😉

  5. Chick fil a wraps are amazing!!! I hardly ever eat fast food either, but when I do it’s definitely Chick fil a 🙂

  6. Happy Fit Mama says:

    E looks like a dining out champ!

  7. Dang, girl! I definitely don’t think TIU is easy. Maybe you should get some heavier dumbbells. Or do lots of different videos to keep your body guessing.

  8. Brittany says:

    I get that excited about cupcakes, but not always carrots. I do love carrots though..

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