WIAW: Not Cinco de Mayo

Happy Wednesday!  It sure is a happy Wednesday here.  Remember all those weekends Kevin worked in the late winter/early spring?  Well he’s making up for part of it by taking today-Friday off.  Woohoo!  Ethan’s great and all, but he’s not much for conversation… unless you count screaming.


Anywhooo, here are the eats of the day.  I mean, it is What I Ate Wednesday after all!

Breakfast: plain Greek yogurt parfait with strawberries and Nature’s Path “Optimum Power” Blueberry Cinnamon Flax cereal


Snack: a few almonds before heading to the gym (A minor foot injury is keeping me from running, so I hit the stationary bike.)

Lunch: wheat English muffin with an egg and a wee bit of spinach, paired with fresh veg and a little guacamole (side note: I’m not a plain avocado fan, but guac is the shiz.)


Snack: I definitely should have had a little larger lunch or something.  I was hangry for snack!  another wheat English muffin but with PB&J, which may have been followed later by a small dish of ice cream

peeb n j

Dinner: pumpkin and bean enchiladas with 2% cheese, red bell pepper, and rotel – served with a little corn and Spanish rice (Why wait for Cinco de Mayo?  Girl needs her Tex-Mex!)

enchiladas  dinner

Dessert: an adult beverage… or two  (well I had my ice cream earlier, soooo…)

  • Avocado, yay or nay?
  • Any speedy foot healing suggestions????

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14 Responses to WIAW: Not Cinco de Mayo

  1. Hunger tends to hit me pretty hard in the afternoon as well, so I definitely know what you mean about needing a pretty good snack to tide you over. And I’m assuming you have some leftovers from dinner? I’m coming over tonight 😉

  2. I think I have an afternoon snack everyday. I love avocado!! That dinner sounds really good, Mexican is always a good option!

  3. I do like avocado, but definitely agree that it’s best is guac form. If I’m eating it plain, I’ll usually add salt, pepper and maybe a bit of hot sauce. And tex-mex is always appropriate…you’re just getting an early start 😉

  4. Avocado is straight up god’s gift to the earth. I eat my dill avocado toast daily…and newly obsessed with some smoked salmon on top!

  5. See, I’m an avocado nut. I really could just eat it with a spoon…but I stop myself. I LOVE me a good pb&j english muffin and now I feel like I NEED one…breakfast tomorrow? Ha. And those enchiladas sound bangin!!!

  6. PB & J english muffins are my go to snack/meal for anytime. THE best!

  7. I’m always hungry in the afternoons! 3pm hits and I’m in the kitchen 🙂

    Your pumpkin and bean enchiladas sound so good? Is your recipe on the site? I’ve never had that before and it sounds like a must-try!

  8. Mmmmm I love Tex Mex and those enchiladas look awesome!

  9. A huge YAY for avocado for me! LOVE it! Those enchiladas sound so good!

  10. I hope I don’t see you on the blog until Monday!!!! You need to spend all your time with Kevin 🙂

  11. Danielle L says:

    Avocado is definitely a yay! Ice and rolling a tennis ball under your foot might help. BTW I love your blog name

  12. pumpkin and bean enchiladas…that sounds interesting. I think I’d be scared to try it though. I’m weird with trying new things.

    But the one thing I did not like and now I do and I love myself for trying it again…AVOCADO!!! I love it in slices or as guac!!

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