Out With The Old, In With The New

So… about that sugar detox… #fail.  Kevin and I were invited over to a friend’s place for dinner, so I’m not going to question whatever is served.  We also have plans to meet some friends out for dinner tomorrow, sooooo I threw in the towel on the challenge.


I’m not heart broken.  The only one suffering here is the poor little chocolate bunny who lost his ears yesterday… and then a bit more.

It happens.

But out with the old and in with the new!  I have a new challenge that may or may not happen.  (Serious stuff, eh?)  I’ve always wanted to run one of the Rock n’ Roll races, and I have my heart set on Virginia Beach, Aug. 31!!!


Of course, the purchase order has not yet been approved by the budget committee, but if training goes well, I think my CFO will approve.  (Training starts May 26th, so now I need to keep building my base.)


I think two pleasant 3-mile stroller runs this week helped fuel my interest.  Plus, now that Kevin’s busy season is over, he’ll be able to watch E while I go for a long run on the weekend.  Nope, this mama isn’t tackling any 10-milers with a baby.

Anyway… I’ve got a lot to do before heading out tonight, so I bid you farewell.  Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Got any dream races?  Best race you’ve ever done?

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13 Responses to Out With The Old, In With The New

  1. Do it! 🙂 I feel like I won’t be tackling anything over 6 miles with my jogger. We’ll see though;) My dream race is NYC, it’s twice now that I haven’t gotten in. Those lottery races!

  2. Katie says:

    I could never make it through a sugar detox! You get kudos for even trying!

  3. Sugar detoxes are so hard, especially when you have a sweet tooth like many of us do – me included! Plus, it’s hard to resist when you go out and all those yummy sweets are surrounding you!

  4. I need to sign up for a race, it’s been way too long! Alex and I are thinking about doing a 5K together after the wedding 🙂

  5. My dream race is one along the ocean, which I am doing this fall in Victoria, BC! So excited. Best race I have ever done is the Disneyland Half Marathon, so much fun!

  6. So this girl is -still- debating which [5k] she wants to sign up for. I’ve never run a race, so this is a big deal 😛 I blame the warmer weather for hitting me with the bug… now if only we’d get hit with some sun!

  7. Yeah, I could never do a sugar detox… Whenever I rule out something I can’t have, I want it even more. When I feel like I’m having too much sugar, I focus on what I need MORE of in my diet (veggies, protein, healthy fats, etc.), and that typically helps nix out a lot of extra sugar.

    A rock ‘n roll race would be so much fun!

  8. I’ve never run a race, but I’m hoping to do my first half in October! I’m good with controlling my sugar I take during the day, but always seem to need something sweet an hour after dinner- annoying!

  9. Tina Muir says:

    Lindt chocolate is so damn addicting. I have a cadbury bunny that went through a similar procedure last night 😛 Hope you enjoy your weekend, that race is exciting. I have always wanted to do a rock and roll one too. My bucket list races are the usual 4 marathons; chicago, NYC, Boston, and London 🙂

    My best race ever was at the olympic trials, didnt run my best race ever, but just the incredible rush of being there is something I will never forget 🙂

  10. You lasted longer than I would have if I ever tried to cut out sugar so you can feel good about that 😉

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