Ice Cream-less WIAW

A house without ice cream is not a home. Ha, perhaps just a slight exaggeration… Nevertheless, I think Kevin and I would both prefer if I restocked sooner than later. Here’s another WIAW; the party must go on!


Breakfast: I had a smoothie (1/2 banana strawberries, milk, protein), and Ethan had baby oatmeal.


Snack: I had a post-workout almond butter smothered rice cake, and E got a bottle.

rice cake

Lunch: Lunch included a tuna and hummus sandwich with sprouts; E got another bottle (too fussy for more solid food).


Snack: I enjoyed a sweet n’ salty Nature Valley bar (oh man, so yum) and a square of dark chocolate, and Ethan got carrots.

nature valley

Dinner: I cooked a frittata with kale, onion, sundried tomatoes and parm cheese for Kevin and myself, and I whipped up butternut squash for E.

frittata   frittata

Dessert: Not ice cream – a hearty serving of Crispix cereal for me, and Ethan got a bedtime bottle

  • Do you eat after dinner?  Got any fav foods or perhaps a cut-off time for eats?

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14 Responses to Ice Cream-less WIAW

  1. Tuna and humms really are a great pair!! 🙂

  2. Tina Muir says:

    Yummy! love the statement about ice cream, I love it waaayy too much, could never not have any. I often eat after dinner, but I usually try to eat something that is good for my body such as cottage cheese, greek yogurt or nuts. During this peak training time I do not have sweets after dinner, but usually I would. 🙂

  3. What’s ice cream for you is chocolate for me. But maybe that’s just for the fact I never keep ice cream around because my fridge has a laughably tiny freezer department that would probably be able to hold one container of ice cream and not much else. Either way, no chocolate means emergency grocery store runs. Do you think such a thing as ice cream delivery to your doorstep exists so your house will feel more like a home again soon ;)?

  4. I always enjoy something sweet post-dinner as well, but if I’m to actually “eat”, nothing is more satisfying than a late night bowl of cereal!

    Ethan is getting so big!!

  5. I couldn’t help but laugh when you said you had a delicious bar and some chocolate while Ethan got carrots 😆 He definitely got the short end of the stick 😛 And eating after dinner is a MUST for me… especially since I usually eat dinner around 5 <– grandma status.

  6. I can’t get over how cute he is! Isn’t it fun to start adding food to their diet, too? Although I hear you, they grow up way too quickly.

  7. Mmmm…the frittata sounds yummy! And yes, I do usually have a little something after dinner, specifically, something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth! 😉

  8. That dinner looks delicious!

    I don’t usually eat anything after dinner BUT sometimes I’ll make 1 ingredient banana froyo.

  9. LOL! I haven’t had ice cream in my house for more than 12 years… I guess I shouldn’t be calling home, home then? LOL!!!!

  10. i’m definitely the eat-after-dinner type…ice cream is a favourite 😉

  11. ranchcookie says:

    I always eat a snack/dessert after dinner! And nothing is off limits just eaten in moderation 🙂

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