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I had a different post scheduled.  However, there’s just a hot mess of thoughts in this head of mine, and they’re dying to get out.  On that note, I bring you a Thinking Out Loud post.  Thanks Amanda for hosting the linkup!

1. I’m really happy for three of my friends who just found out they’ll be able to run in the NYC Marathon.  Oddly enough, I was a tad bit jealous when hearing the news.  Why????  I have no desire to run a marathon.  I guess it just sounds cool.  I mean, it is cool.  But ya know… that’s a lotta’ training.

2. Bison Brewing has a beer called “Kermit the Hop.”  This press release about it came out in Feb., so I’m a little behind the times.  However, I want it.  I don’t even drink double IPAs, but my love of IPAs and The Muppets has swayed me.


3. I love and hate the “Meatless Monday” initiative.  I’m all for consuming less meat, but the alliteration isn’t helpful for me.  Tofu, beans, and eggs stay good longer than fresh meat, so I’d prefer a Meatless Thursday given my Sunday grocery shopping habit.

4. I often feel inadequate as a mom.  I know nothing about babies, though I probably read waaaaay too much online about them.  Oddly enough, I take another mom’s word as the ultimate wisdom and truth while ignoring the fact that I’m a mom too.  The truth is, no one knows my baby like I do.  (I don’t know if this had a point, but there ya go.)


5. Some days call for chocolate.  Some days call for wine.  Some days (yesterday) call for both.  Oooooh is that cowboy bark addicting!!!

6. Oh, and I’ve been without Netflix for a while now.  The only thing I miss is getting Game of Thrones in the mail.  I’m so behind; I neeeeeed a fix!!!


7.  Lastly, this is a lovely post.  I recommend it to anyone, especially moms and double-especially to future TTC moms.

  • Gimme a random thought!
  • Any beers on your wishlist?

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11 Responses to Thinking Out Loud

  1. I think most women have doubts when it comes to being a mom. I know that I’m all sorts of terrified to have children, not only because of the whole labour thing, but because I really feel like I’ll have no idea what the heck I’m supposed to do once I pop them out. For what it’s worth, I think you’re doing an amazing job with Ethan… and you’re right, you know your little guy better than anyone else.

  2. The fact that you care enough to spend so much time learning about babies just goes to show that you are indeed a great mom! Kermit the Hop sounds amazing. LOVE me some good beer and the Muppets 🙂

  3. Game of Thrones is SO good! My husband read the books and he bought seasons 1-3 on DVD. That show is crazy! Can’t wait to watch the next season.

  4. I think the whole idea of supermom is a complete falsehood and a disservice to mothers everywhere. It doesn’t exist and only makes others fell inadequate. I don’t know your parenting beliefs, but if you’re happy and your little man is happy, then I’d say you’re doing just fine.

    I’m super excited for the new GoT. The Hubby and I are rewatching all of last season’s episodes to get prepared and I’m furiously trying to finish the 5th book.

    Have a great day.

  5. You do know your baby better than any other mom – so I think you can just keep trusting yourself that you’re doing what’s best for the little guy!

  6. Michelle says:

    Feeling inadequate = welcome to motherhood!! I have some really great days and then there are some days where I think – OMG, I totally effing up this kid’s life. Did you ever read this essay from Anna Quindlen? Or did I share it with you? It’s one of my favorites and I read it every now and then for a reality check.

    Just know – you’re not alone!

  7. Kermit’s my favorite! I don’t know if I have a beer on my wishlist at the moment, but I’ve been wanting a Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout or Barleywine all week! 😉

  8. I have no desire to ever run a marathon. I don’t think long distance running is really that great for us, but it is a huge accomplishment and how cool would it be to SAY you’ve ran a marathon?! I totally get what you were saying.

    I also really want to try Kermit the Hop! Even though I’m also not that into DIPA’s.

    Meatless Monday…yah, I’m with you. I usually always have meatless thursday bc I have no more meat by the end of the week. Then again I have meatless dinner’s about 3 times a week.

  9. Absolutely about #4!! I totally get it!

  10. I haven’t tried to get into GOT yet, my main show is Homeland! Have you seen it yet?
    About #4- I feel like you have to take other mom’s advice with a grain of salt, and it’s all in the delivery. I’ve gotten some awesome advice from moms, but if they tell it to me in a condescending way then I’m done hah!

  11. AMEN to that–you def know your baby best!!! My mom who has 10 babies has given me lots of advice (all helpful, and much appreciated!!), but a few times she has been wrong, simply because I knew baby L better than she did. And that is OKAY. Trust your mama instincts, and it sure looks like you do, because Ethan is totally thriving! Keep doing your thang, hot mama!

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