Weekly Meal Plan

There has been quite a bit going on lately.  I love and hate it at the same time.  I had family in town a week or two ago, which was great.  (Ethan loves his Great Grandpa!)


This weekend we went to visit Kevin’s family south of the border (aka: South Carolina).  It’s always good to see relatives and to catch-up a bit, but I’m happy to be home.  (Oh, I also squeezed in an interval run, 0.5 mi slow, 0.5 mi fast)


Now onto today’s topic, the weekly meal plan.  Though things always seem to come up, here’s the general idea for the week.

  • Breakfast of banana and almond butter toast
  • Later snack of coffee and almonds  (Too many almonds?)
  • Lunch of chicken sausage, bell pepper strips, and a piece of fruit
  • Snack of Greek yogurt (and most likely something else, along with dessert after dinner)


Dinners include:

  • Sunday – butternut squash risotto and side salad (this came out really well and is pictured below, I used slightly less broth than the recipe called for)
  • Monday – braised (or roasted) chicken breast with leeks and side salad
  • Tuesday – salmon burgers and side green beans
  • Wednesday – more salmon burgers because TJs didn’t have poblano peppers for the recipe I wanted to make
  • Thursday – Mexicorn bean hot mess of yum
  • Friday – play it by ear, maybe out or maybe TJ’s frozen Mandarin orange chicken


Oh, and if you follow my on Instagram, you’ll also know that Ethan had his first taste of sweet potatoes today.  If you watched the video, you’ll know how much he loved them.  Such a cutie!!

  • Do you meal plan?
  • Would you like seeing meal planning posts like this?
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10 Responses to Weekly Meal Plan

  1. I’m definitely a meal planner – it helps me make sure that I’m using everything in my fridge/pantry and acts as encouragement to try new things. I love getting inspiration, so I’m all about meal planning posts!

  2. There’s no such thing as too many almonds 😛 And I’m not really a meal planner, but I could probably start doing it a little bit more… otherwise I end up eating cereal/oatmeal for dinner more often than I’d like…

  3. Mexicorn bean hot mess sounds right up my alley 😉

  4. I’m not typically a meal planner. It’s definitely something I’ve been wanting to work on and get better on. I think it would totally make life easier, especially during the busy work week.

  5. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily says:

    I’m a huge meal planner, and love when other bloggers post their meal plans…I’m always looking for more ideas 🙂

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