On a Roll

Happy Thursday!  We’re on a roll over here, or at least Ethan is.  He has been able to roll for a while now, but he’s roll-crazy at the moment.  As soon as you lie him down on his back, he flips.

This would be cute, except he doesn’t really like being on his tummy.  He kept me awake a couple nights because he’s mad he’s on his belly, but each time you roll him back over, he flips again.  Sighhhhh.  Luckily he has just started getting comfortable sleeping on his belly, so hopefully it won’t be an issue.


Every once in a while he forgets to turn his head to the side though.  Like yesterday, he was sleeping in an almost face-down position.  During his nap, I sat outside his room with my laptop so that I could hear him breathing.


Fun stuff I tell ya.  ha

I didn’t just want to pop in today to talk about Ethan.  I actually wanted to give an update on my “training” and to rant for just a wee bit.

I am eager to do another half marathon.  Now that I can stroller jog, running seems like the most effective workout for me right now.  I hadn’t mentioned it yet, but I was aiming to do one in late May.


However, while building my base and during the first week of training, my knees have been killing me.  I think it’s mostly due to getting up and down off the floor with E, and carrying him up and down the stairs 10000000x per day, and then once you throw in running, it’s not good.

I still want to run though, so I’m throwing in the towel for a big race, at least for now, and I’ll just focus on staying healthy and injury-free.

This is where my mini rant comes into play.  I think we’ve all seen things like this on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  (phrases like, “Sweat every day” etc.)


It grinds my gears because it makes me actually feel guilty for not giving 110%.  Sorry if I don’t want to get injured.  Sorry if I have taken some time from workouts to devote to my child.  Sorry sorry sorry… well I shouldn’t be sorry, and it’s silly for me to feel guilty about such things.


Workouts.  Eat good (mostly healthy) food.  Be happy.  (Of course, I would also add “drink beer,” but to each her own.)  The pic is from last night’s happy hour at Taco Mac.  Cheers to 35-cent beers!!  I got Lagunitas IPA.

  • Got any races on your calendar?

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6 Responses to On a Roll

  1. Ugh, that Maria Kang this pisses me off so much…don’t let her make you feel guilty! I’m hoping to run a race or two this year, but we’ll have to wait and see if my body is willing.

  2. Ugh I hate that photo! Sure if you want your life to be all about exercise and measuring your vegetables you can look like that! But that sounds like a pretty miserable way to live just so you can look like that…

  3. The What’s Your Excuse lady really bugs me too. I thought your exact thoughts just last week. I was talking to my mom and David about her. I want to know her whole story. Does she have help with her kids, does she have someone clean her house, does she do all her shopping and cooking herself? I just feel like there is so much more to that than showing her awesome body, 3 sons, and throwing “What’s Your Excuse?” out there. That lady isn’t encouraging anyone, I think she’s shaming women — it’s pathetic.

  4. Nooo feeling guilty! Your body did an amazing thing bringing a new life into the world and now you’re doing an amazing thing by nurturing him and giving him all that he needs. Life’s not about working out and eating clean — there’s so much more to it than that, so don’t ever beat yourself up for what the damn diet industry tells you you SHOULD be doing 😡

  5. Do not feel guilty! As I posted about a few weeks back, EVERYONE’S FIT IS DIFFERENT! And we’re all at different stages in our fitness journey. So right now if staying healthy and injury free is what you’re doing then YOU ARE GIVING 110%! Don’t compare your fit to someone else’s. It’s not worth the guilt and bad feelings.

  6. Healthy Diva says:

    NO GUILT! I hate when I girls feel guilt about their bodies after birth! We are all different and all beautiful. We all should be blessed to be moms, some people can’t even carry their own baby, so I am grateful that I could even get pregnant. You are beautiful, don’t forget that!

    Oh, and Rocco was never a stomach sleeper, and when he started flipping over, I had the same issue! He would cry and want back over, but he finally liked sleeping on his tummy, and could flip over if he wanted to! A short phase that will end quick for ya I hope, as it did for us!

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