Everything I Could Fit In My Mouth

Everything I could fit in my mouth.  #TWSS  No, no, no – this is another #WIAW post inspired by this little fella.


He gets frustrated because his hands, his toes, and his rattle can’t all fit in his mouth at once.  Yeah yeah, first world problems, eh kiddo?

Here are my eats for the day; they sadly coincidentally go along with the title of the post.

Breakfast – TJ’s almond butter, banana, and Arnold Healthful bread (my first time trying it – not bad)… oh, and black coffee – definitely coffee


Snack – Banana Muffin Quest bar post-workout (not my fav)


Lunch – easiest veg bowl ever (quinoa, chopped frozen spinach, white beans, salt-free diced tomatoes, basil/oregano, and a sprinkle of parm – no washing or chopping, just dump n’ cook a batch on Sunday)

vegSnack – I stress-ate two Kashi cookies, but I later enjoyed a plum and hardboiled egg

snackDinner – ratatouille over polenta and a wee bit of part-skim mozzarella on top… oh, and wine – definitely wine (aka: mom juice) followed by a lil’ chocolate ice cream


  • Was this the ugliest WIAW post ever or what?
  • Best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?

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17 Responses to Everything I Could Fit In My Mouth

  1. I love quest bars, just can’t get over the price if them:o They’re likely way more in Canada though. I love that you labelled wine as Mom juice…it’s perfect:)

  2. Haha sometimes the tastiest meals aren’t very photogenic, but taste is what matters!

  3. Yuliya says:

    That veg bowl sounds great – easy and wonderful ingredients! I’ll have to remember that for a busy day.

  4. The day I learn how to make things like split pea soup, chilli, and lentils look good, I’ll be a happy camper. They do taste freaking amazing, though. But so does wine and chocolate — can’t believe you didn’t photograph the best part! 😛

  5. He is getting big! So damn cute!

    I love the quest bar action 😉 I had a cookies and cream one yesterday.

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Just the sound of your meals would make up for any not-quite-perfect pictures though I actually think they don’t look half bad, either. Wait for the day – likely one of the next WIAWs – when I’m sharing my recent soup lunches – ugly tastes best ;).

  7. Gosh, I wish fitting hands, toes and rattle in my mouth was the only thing I had to get frustrated about! 😉 Life is so simple when you’re a baby. Ha!

  8. You don’t like the Banana Nut Quest bar? That’s one of my favourites! And sometimes, ugly food tastes the best 😉

  9. I love all of the sneak little E pics. He is getting cuter and cuter! And thanks for all of the easy meal ideas. I am always looking to grow my recipe book.

  10. Ashley says:

    Looks like a delicious day of eats! And yes, I’m with Sam, sometimes the ugliest food is the most delicious food!

  11. Not ugly at all! I’m with you on the banana muffin Quest Bar. Eh, not that good

  12. I think it all looks pretty good! Except that Quest bar… it’s one of my least favs. I like the flavors that involve chocolate. 🙂

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