Busy Busy Busy!

Can I have a couch day?  You know, where you start a movie marathon, keep on your pajamas, and only get up to pee.  Yeah – I need one of those.

This was another busy weekend, which is good and bad.  I think if I walk up and down my stairs one more time, my knees are going to pop off.  However, I squeezed in some fun this weekend too.

wine not?

On Friday, Ethan and I met Kevin at a new-to-us wine bar.  We weren’t crazy about the prices, but the atmosphere might draw us back for another visit.

On Saturday, we dropped Ethan off with my parents in late morning.  Kevin and I enjoyed a couples’ massage (haven’t had one of those since our honeymoon) followed by brunch.

terrace cafe

If you’re in Charlotte, I highly recommend Terrace Café.  The biscuits and gravy were wonderful, and of course, what’s not to love about a bloody mary?  This was only our second “date” without baby, and though I missed the little guy, I totally could have left him with my parents all day!

ethan   kevin

Sunday was go, go, go!  I squeezed in a run, bathed the baby, and made it to the grocery store before friends came over for lunch.


The rest of the day was spent food preppin’ and baby watchin’.  That kid wears me out… hence the need for a couch day…  Anyway, the alone time with Kevin on Saturday made it pretty marvelous.  Much needed!


  • Ever had a couch day?  I’ve only had couch mornings, but those are good too!
  • What’s making your Monday marvelous?

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10 Responses to Busy Busy Busy!

  1. I could use a couples massage and nice meal out. As much as we love our kids, we need a break for our sanity!

    My daughter and I recently had a couch morning during one of her snow days. We stayed in our pajamas and lounged around watching movies until lunch time. Much needed time with her:-)

  2. Busy weekends can be so exhausting! Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a weekend, if you’re that busy and running around the entire time. That’s the kind of weekend I’ll be having this weekend. Couch days are definitely the best! I feel like I don’t get many of those, but I definitely savor those moments when I do.

  3. Love couch days! Lucky you with the massage and brunch…. looks good!

  4. Maureen says:

    How fun that you guys got time without the baby! And to do couple massages…heaven!!

  5. Lisa says:

    I feel you on those busy weekends, it’s funny that sometimes they can tire me out more than the weekdays. I never manage to have full couch days, but the couch mornings or afternoons are pretty amazing once in a while.

  6. Julie says:

    I’m with you, I only do couch mornings like I am doing right now!

  7. Your Saturday sounds fun! The hubby and I typically like to use one of our weekend days as couch days- or at least part of it. Just relaxing, surfing the internet, watching TV/movies together- pure laziness! 🙂

  8. Mmmmmm a couples massage sounds fabulous! You had a good weekend.

    I will join you in a couch day!!

  9. It sure does sound like a busy weekend. Your sunday morning sounds very impressive! Other than two very, very long car rides my weekend consisted a lot of relaxing on the couch watching the olympics.

  10. Once I saw biscuits and gravy, I think my mind turned to mush. I absolutely love biscuits and gravy. One of my favorite breakfasts from when I was growing up. I haven’t had it in sooo long though. A good reminder to make sure I do so soon again 😉

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