A Super Marvelous Weekend

I’m referring to this as a “super marvelous” weekend on account of the Super Bowl, but to be honest, I only watched about an hour of it.  Hey, this mama values her sleep a little more than she values the Peytons or the Seahawks.


Obviously, I’m also linking up with Katie for another #MIMM post.  Woohoo!

Friday wasn’t so marvelous.  Kevin was sick, and Ethan was being… ummm… difficult.  The entire family was in bed at or by 8:30 pm.  Yeah – it gets crazy up in here.

Luckily, Saturday and Sunday were much better!  I got out for a run on Saturday.  It’s sad when your three-mile pace is slower than your old half mary pace, but that’s okay.  It’s still good to stretch the legs!


I followed that up with a much overdo hair appointment.  Of course, after a girl gets her hair done, her man needs to take her to dinner.  Pizza n’ beer it is!  The brew was Hop Drop ‘N Roll by NoDa Brewing, a Charlotte brewery.  It’s Kevin’s current IPA of choice.

pizza Sunday included some walking at the park followed by some porch sittin, both of which were marvelous.  It was a nice 67 degrees here, so I had to soak it up while I could.


By the way, happy four months to Ethan!

4 months

  • What were you up to this weekend?  Watch the Super Bowl?

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14 Responses to A Super Marvelous Weekend

  1. Having no clue of the Super Bowl or either of the teams I’m glad to hear you agree on sleep valuing more than football :).
    Even if it’s a slow start easing back into running I’m sure you’ll get to your old speedy pace again eventually – maybe sooner than you’d guess. Just don’t stress yourself about it.
    Happy four months to cute little Ethan!

  2. Four months? I can’t believe it’s already ben that long since I freaked out everyone that was around me by getting ridiculously excited when I found out you had your little guy 🙂 And I didn’t really watch much of the Superbowl other than the last 5 minutes, but my dad had it on while I was over there, so I listened to most of it in the background.

  3. Carla says:

    youre focusing on the important stuffs right now 🙂

  4. Now I’m craving pizza after seeing that pic! 😉

    My husband watched the superbowl and I, in turn, watched some of it, browsed on my computer a bit and feel a sleep before the end of the game. 😉

  5. That pizza looks divine. Also, I did the same this weekend- my 5k run was much slower than my normal long-distance pace. It felt good to get a shakeout run in. Happy 4 months to Ethan!

  6. kelsnsher says:

    I love that, I’m gonna enforce that rule from now on, a girl gets her hair done and her man is required to take her out haha. Awesome!

  7. I watched most of the Superbowl, but I’m pretty sure that by the end I was just playing on my phone…wow, that was uneventful.

  8. Sounds like such a great weekend! Can’t believe Ethan is already 4 months old!

  9. I’m all for a pizza date over the weekend and a little run to balance things out! I’m with you on the Super Bowl, though. I didn’t watch because I was traveling, but I did record it just for the half time show.

  10. Loved NoDa when I was in Charlotte!

  11. A run, pizza and beer and that adorable face! I’d say it was a marvelous weekend indeed 🙂

  12. I love the photos of Ethan, he’s such a sweetie. I “watched” the superbowl, and by that I mean I hung out with the girls and chatted and ate chili:)

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