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It’s still odd to think of myself as, Mom. I guess I still have a while to get used to my new name since it isn’t like Ethan’s going to be talking for a while.  But still…

There are a few updates I wanted to share about life AD (after delivery), which is quite different that life BC (before child).  I won’t dive into everything (how could I?), but there have been a couple random thoughts I wanted to share.

1. Balding.  My hair is falling out!!  People warned me about this, but I thought that since it was still hanging in there right after birth, that I’d get to keep my thick pregnancy locks.  I was wrong!  Apparently the hormonal shift that starts around 3 or 3.5 months is what starts the balding process, and my hair is falling out by the handful.


2. Scar.  Yup, the C-section scar is still there and visible.  To be honest, I don’t mind it one bit.  It’s my badge of honor.  Plus, no one can really see it anyway.  It’s only about 4 inches long and goes horizontally under the bikini line.  I didn’t know what to expect, and I guess it’s better than I would have assumed.

3. Remember that crib mobile I made (cheaply and easily… I’m no crafter)?  Well Ethan just loves it!  It has been his favorite thing since birth, or at least since he could see things.


4. I’m starting to think more about getting back into the work force.  Maybe there’s something out there for me, but I don’t know if I’m ready for the “mom guilt.”  Workin’ mamas know what I’m talking about!  I need some adult interaction though, and frankly, a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt either!

5. Random items I’ve found helpful…

  • carseat canopy for cold or rainy days
  • small “shopping cart” stroller for in-and-out errands
  • Pampers Swaddlers – yeah, I pay a little extra for these because they rock
  • baby sleep gowns and books, part of our bedtime ritual
  • Born Free bottles

What products are making your life easier these days?

Whatcha up to this weekend?

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12 Responses to Mom Stuff

  1. So…my hair is falling out and I never even was pregnant. Ugh! Don’t know what’s up with that! I feel like its been happening for a while too. I hope you’re starts to slow down soon!

  2. I had the hair-falling out thing when I got off the hormonal BC. Hormones are a bitch sometimes!

  3. I could imagine thinking of yourself as “mom” would be weird. I’ve never really thought about it, but once I read that I started thinking that really must be kind of weird!

  4. Michelle says:

    My hair finally stopped falling out about a month ago. Now I just have these crazy baby hairs around my forehead. Thank goodness for bangs!

    Mom guilt sucks – but you have it regardless of it you work or not. Just remember a happy mama = happy baby!

    My favorite baby products these days are Sophie the Giraffe and the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy. Oh, and Tommee tippee bibs. Love them!!

  5. Ah, I’m scared about the postpartum hair loss – I didn’t realize it doesn’t start until 3 months. I too thought I was safe since it hasn’t happened yet!

  6. Hahahah! Oh man. I could have made a wig around 4 months PP. It was insane!

    I also am happy with our splurge on a great umbrella stroller. We have a huge one, but it’s not great for shopping and airports, so I totally agree with that product!

    Being “Mom” is totally weird at first. Even weirder than when you go from girlfriend->fiancé->wife. Just wait until he starts saying “MuuuummmMummmm” in a little while. The best!!!

  7. It is nice to get out of the house for some adult interaction and extra cash. I work part- time and it has been perfect. Have a great weekend!

  8. I bet that can be stressful! I’ve heard a lot of women talk about balding though – and it does stop! 🙂

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