Friday Five

It’s Fridayyyyyy!  Yayyyyy!  How was everyone’s Halloween?  Mine was quiet but good.  We got the “boo-rito” deal at Chipotle and showed Ethan off to a few of our neighbors.  Have you ever seen such a cute little frog?  I kissed him, but he was already a little prince.


Anyway – onto Friday Five…

1. All these nighttime feedings have me hungry hungry hungry at crazy hours.  My latest midnight snack (or 2 am, 4 am, or just take your pick) has been these things.  So delicious!

Speaking of food: I can’t quit eating.  Seriously y’all – this is getting ridiculous.  I’m not really trying to lose weight because I’m already having issues with milk supply (obviously feeding the little man takes priority), but I’m always hungry.  I know breastfeeding burns mega calories, but geeeeeze – it’s like I’m pregnant again, or worse!

2. I thought I’d be taking little walks by now for exercise.  Nope.  C-sections are a *!&!$@. I feel okay most of the time, but when I start walking too much or doing too many chores (not that I really have time for housework anyway), my incision hurts all over again.

3. My little man turned four weeks old yesterday.  Time flies when your days and nights run together.


4. I am so grateful for my friends.  As I said Wednesday, one sweetie came and helped me out earlier this week.  Another new mommy came over yesterday to discuss the joys and the hardships of having a newborn.  Her little angle is only a few weeks older than Ethan, so I see play dates in our future!

5. Kevin and I had a nice weekend (am I really just now recapping this?).  We took Ethan out for the first time by hitting up a local bar for happy hour on Friday.  I ordered Highland Brewing Co’s Gaelic Ale.  It’s a great beer.  Malty (but not too much), hoppy (but not too much),  bitter (but not too much), yet still very full-bodied.

babyOn Saturday, we went to a gathering at a friend’s place for chili and beer.  Again, I only had one beer, but it was so nice to get out of the house!  Let’s hope this weekend is just as good.

baby Okay, I promise there will be less baby talk in the future, but that’s kind of consuming my life at the moment.

  • Anything been consuming your life at the moment?
  • How was your Halloween?

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16 Responses to Friday Five

  1. Ethan is the cutest frog I’ve ever seen:) I’m excited for next Halloween when I can dress our little guy up!

    Hope you start to feel better soon, I can only imagine how hard it is to stay low key while healing. Hang in there!

  2. It’s seriously been 4 weeks since I probably freaked everyone out around me by squealing like a madwoman when I read about your surprise delivery? No.freaking.way. Time really is flying… and it’s great to hear that both you and Ethan are doing so well — he sure is a cutie!

  3. Oh my goodness, Ethan is so cute in his little costume!

  4. Such a cute little frog! I can’t believe it’s been four weeks already…happy to hear that everything is going well!

  5. I love the photo of the hubs with baby in one hand and a glass of champagne AND a baby bottle in the other. Talk about multi-tasking! 😉 Have a great weekend!

  6. I was way hungrier while nursing than I was pregnant! Don’t worry, you will lose the weight, it just takes some time!

  7. Hopefully you continue to heal well!
    Yes, the baby’s approaching due date. With less than a week to go, I am a tad distracted by it 😉
    We just stayed home and handed out candy which was fine by me!

  8. So happy you’re getting all sorts of support! Those bars are amazing btw 🙂

  9. cannot get over the adorable-ness. OMG.

  10. Baby talk is your new normal!! And even after he’s sleeping through the night….and then not breast feeding anymore….he will still be consuming your life!! lol Don’t you sit and think, what did I do before I had him?? But it really is just the most wonderful 🙂 🙂 And after a month now you’re like an old pro! Have a great weekend 🙂

  11. He is the cutest froggie ever!! And 4 weeks already?? Wow, that flew!

  12. Keep the baby talk coming! It’s welcomed in my life. He’s just too cute!

  13. I’ve had 3 c-sections and will have my 4th in April. I promise, 6 weeks is like magic. You’ll wake up and suddenly feel SO much better as will your incision! Keep walking, but definitely take it easy a few more weeks. It DOES get easier though 🙂 As for crazy hunger and breastfeeding, 100% normal, again, about 6 weeks in and you’ll feel better!

  14. Oh my gosh, I’ve been away from your blog for so long, I missed the exciting news!!! I can’t believe it, congrats!! Quite honestly it feels like just yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant….I’m at a loss, times DOES fly! HE is absolutely adorable, and congrats to you and your husband. SOOO precious.

  15. how stinking cute is he?! those hats are adorable!!

  16. Ali says:

    Having mom friends preferably with kids the same age is a life saver! It got me through lots of hard times by just being able to talk through stuff! Having a newborn is no easy task:)

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