WIAW: Back in the Kitchen

Happy What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) Y’all!  After weeks of gifted casseroles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I’ve gradually attempted to return to the kitchen.

wiawWhile prepping this post, I have to admit, the dishes from dinner still need to be done.  Baby steps.

Breakfast – Greek yogurt mixed with Barlean’s omega oil and a banana

yogurtSnack 1 – slice of Sargento Swiss cheese and a Diet Coke (Sometimes you just need some fat, protein, and caffeine to keep going.)

babySnack 2 – A sweet friend came to babysit Ethan while I took a shower.  In order to make my shower time extra indulgent, I brought a little goodie upstairs with me.

snackLunch – sweet potato and snap peas with a bit of TJ’s red Thai curry sauce

lunchSnack 3 – Quest bar

questDinner – quick chana masala (speedy but yummy!) and small glass of wine

chana masalaDessert – ice cream (Okay, I thought I was done with this stuff, but it makes an appearance now and again.)

apple pieI’m so happy to finally have some vegetables again!

ethanHave you been into any Halloween candy yet?  Reese’s are my fav!

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25 Responses to WIAW: Back in the Kitchen

  1. I dont know what it is, but baby fingers are the cutest things! When they grab onto your fingers it’s so heart melting.

  2. Corinne says:

    So nice your friend came to give you some time to shower. Ethan is so cute, I’m sure they’d probably pay YOU to let them play with him :) I haven’t had sweet potato in ages – thanks for the inspiration for tomorrow’s lunch!

  3. I was just wondering how you’ve been, so it’s great to hear an update from you :) Hope you and your little man are doing well. And omigosh… Halloween candy… I’m probably going to have to go with KitKat as my favourite, followed by coffee crisp. I’m not sure you guys have that one down there in the States, but it’s all sorts of amazing.

  4. You’re amazing!!! I’m sure life is a little crazy, keeping up with the little one, but it sounds like you’re doing well!!! :)

  5. No Halloween candy for me. But if I did… It would have to be dark chocolate kit-kats! I’m not sure if they even make those anymore or if it was just a one time thing but those are amazing.

    Cute pictures!

  6. Happy WIAW! Your little one is precious! :) Reese’s PB cups are my fave, but I have not had any yet. Whoever decided to combine chocolate and PB = pure genius! Hope you are getting some sleep in there while taking care of that bundle of love.

  7. Happy to see your post this morning!
    I have not, an you believe it? I bough chips this year, to avoid eating all the candy (cause I will) and now I had to have a temp filling put in so am semi banned from candy anyways.

  8. We don’t really get into the Halloween candy ’round our place, but I bought a bag of the Milky Way MIDNIGHT minis and think they are yummy. I bring one with me to work each day and have it with my coffee!

  9. Reese’s are my favorite too! I never knew how amazing a shower could feel until I had a newborn. ;)

  10. I haven’t had any halloween candy yet. I’m hoping to get some candy corn tomorrow, but I doubt it’ll happen since I’m not going to buy it myself.
    Glad you were able to have a more enjoyable shower. haha. The little glass of wine looks nice too. ;)

  11. 1 of each please! Including Ethan ;)

  12. All of the peanut butter candies are my favorite! Have you ever tried the UNREAL peanut butter cups? They are just like their name says, unreal :D

  13. Is that some more Hulk power shining through in the picture of your little man :)? The animal pictures in his room are so cute. Not as cute as him obviously.
    We don’t have Halloween candy over here but I wouldn’t say no to a PB cup [stores don't even sell the regular ones].
    Happy Wednesday!

  14. Your little Ethan is adorable! Glad to hear you are slowly getting back into the grove of things. It looks like you have been having some great meals. I love candy but have resisted so far this year. My favorites are almond joy, milk duds, and curly wurly’s (my stepdad always brings them back from london for me). Hope you continue to enjoy time with your cute little guy!

  15. Chana masala is one of my absolute faves! I never ever get sick of Indian food :).

  16. I hope everything is going well!

  17. He is SO sweet!! I love when they stretch! When I first glanced I thought he was in a towel…which made me think, don’t you just love bath time? (as long as they enjoy it! mine always did so I looked forward to it every day!) And Reese’s are my FAAAAV!!! but I really don’t discriminate when it comes to Halloween candy ;)

  18. We’re not going to get any kids around here so I didn’t buy any candy…but my birthday present from my parents included a big pack of Reese’s, so I’m happy ;-) And I can only imagine how awesome a long shower felt!

  19. Reese’s are by far my favorites too, especially those darn pumpkins!

  20. Talk about getting down and dirty I the shower. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Showering with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, SO FUNNY! ;)

  21. Ali says:

    I’ve been seeing everyone eating those Quest bars – are they good??

    • Tiff says:

      They’re still a protein bar, but they are definitely the best tasting protein bar I’ve tried. I totally recommend them, especially because of their impressive nutrition facts.

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