The Usual {WIAW} Suspects

Thanks for the kind comments on yesterday’s bumpdate.  Things are mostly going quite well, so I hope I’m not being too much of a Debbie Downer.

I was feeling much better yesterday, and I actually made it to the gym.  Woohoo!  Swimming may bore me living daylights out of me, but it feels sooooooo good to be in the water.  I coupled that with an arm workout.  I hope to share my routine later this week, so keep an eye out for that.

wiawBut for now, it’s WIAW time with Peas and Crayons!

Breakfast: pre-workout rice cake and almond butter, post-workout Good Belly, decaf coffee, and protein oats (*I like Designer Whey Sustained Energy in smoothies, but this was my first time trying the vanilla in my regular protein oats.  Ewwwww.  Don’t try it.  Just don’t.)

snack  brekkie

Lunch: almond butter and jelly with a side salad

lunch  sammich

Snack: snack 1 – apple and a few mixed nuts, snack 2 – butterscotch mug cake made with an egg white instead of yogurt (yum)

pom  mug

Dinner: handful of pretzel pieces while cooking (appetizer?) and this awesome bowl of goodness that included kale, quinoa, ground turkey, white beans, a tease of bacon, spices, onion, and celery (I’ll have to remake it so I can provide a real recipe!)

bowl  bowl

Dessert:  Ben & Jerry’s FroYo Chocolate Brownie (not pictured but heavenly)

Ice cream, protein oats, almond butter, rice cakes, yeah – I’d say it was a mix of the usual WIAW suspects.  Time for me to get moving.  That Tracy Anderson DVD isn’t going to do itself!

  • Do you fall into food patterns, or do you mix it up a lot?

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34 Responses to The Usual {WIAW} Suspects

  1. Yes, I definitely fall into food patterns sometimes. If there is something I like, I’ll make it and eat it a few days in a row. I’m getting bored of my arm routine, so I’m excited to see yours!

  2. The second fall hits my diet changes to hot oatmeal and soups! Lots of apples and pumpkin too. It’s pretty cliche in blogland but I can’t pretend I’m not obsessed :)

  3. while my breakfast is ALWAYS the same (oatmeal and cran-grape juice, followed by coffee) my lunches and dinners are more of phases or cycles. i’ll eat the same/similar things for a whlie and then find somehting new and switch to that.

  4. I love having random grain, veggie, and protein bowls! Ground turkey is one of my favorite meats for sure! It can be so flavorful when cooked with the right spices! :)

  5. MIZ says:

    Im an intuitive eater who is SUPER PATTERNED–until she’s not :-)
    I tend to shift with the seasons…

  6. I totally get into a routine and eat a lot of similar things over and over. It makes grocery shopping easier! If it wasn’t for the blog, I probably wouldn’t switch it up much!

  7. Yes please, I would LOVE that dinner recipe. Like right now. ;)

    Yeah, I definitely fall into the same meal routines – we’re creatures of habit so it’s hard not to. We always have a taco salad night, burger night, roast chicken & veg, etc. The only thing that ever really changes is the vegetable side dish. Right now, my breakfasts are either chia pudding or a smoothie and I feel a little stuck!! It’s hard to come up with grain-free breakfast ideas! AHhh

  8. Ick. I tried vanilla whey protein in my oats once too. I don’t know how so many people can manage it. It’s just gross! Fitnessista’s cookie dough oats with whey protein is pretty good though, but cooked oats…. ehh.

    The mug cake looks great. Butterscotch is such an under appreciated flavor :)

    • Tiff says:

      I’m normally a big fan of my beloved protein oats, but this DW Sustained Energy and Sunwarrior are both no-go for me. Smoothies only! haha

  9. I’m horrible with food patterns. I say horrible but it works for me, the usuals are healthy foods and it makes grocery shopping for one much easier.

  10. Lisa says:

    Haha. Whey protein in oats is SO gross for some reason. It gets all clumpy or something. If you add vegan protein it gets super creamy and delicious (well, in my opinion – just not the brown rice kind I love the pea, cranberry, hemp blend).
    I totally fall into patterns with my food…mostly when the seasons change. As soon as Fall hit I craved chili, soups, oatmeal and basically carbs. Thank goodness for having a blog otherwise I’d be the most boring person ever.

  11. Totally ‘guilty’ of falling into food patters. I’ve been trying to switch it up lately but kabocha being in season [as a snack, lunch, snack again, ...] doesn’t help with that. Starting tomorrow [ahem ... yes] I’ll mix it up again. I have to, right?
    Mmh, your mug cake still makes me long for butterscotch morsels.

  12. Your dinner looks amazing! can’t wait for the recipe on that one.

    I’m a proat lover, but not a sustained energy lover. Had a strange taste I had a hard time getting past – I can imagine it was even more noticeable in oats.

  13. Juli says:

    I love mug cakes so easy fixed when you’re craving cake fast :-)

    • Tiff says:

      Agreed! Now I only need to start packaging little baggies of the dry ingredients so it’s super fast. Well… then I’d probably make them too often. ha

  14. Yum…. I need to try that butterscotch mug cake!

  15. Giselle says:

    I love fall foods! I definitely eat more butternut squash, soups, roasted veggies and of course pumpkin during the Fall months. Love it!

  16. I’m definitely one to fall into food patterns, especially when it comes to breakfast!

  17. I absolutely fall into food ruts and patterns – these days, I’m basically green smoothies, eggs and roasted squash pretty much daily!

  18. I ALWAYS fall into food patterns, but they usually don’t last more than a month bc I get so sick of the repetitiveness.

  19. Patterns. But I think that’s because I want to use up what I have on hand!

  20. Paty says:

    I love your lunch! Nut butter sandwiches are the best thing ever!

  21. Can’t beat a simple nut butter and j sandwich :)

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