What I Ate Wednesday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) folks!  Last week was speedy, but this week is dragging.  Well, hopefully yours isn’t dragging, but that’s just me.

wiawAnywhooo, it’s time for the yum stuff.  See Peas & Crayons for other WIAW posts!

Breakfast: lowfait plain yogurt, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 tsp chia seeds, and raspberries with a little Good Belly probiotic drink

parfaitI had real breakfast before working out today because I was too hungry to put it off.

wiawMy workout was month 7 of Tracy Anderson’s pregnancy DVD and 20 minutes of low-impact cardio.

Snack: salt-free rice cake and almond butter – I hadn’t tried AB in years, but apparently my tastes have changed.  It’s still no PB, but I like it.  Did you know some people say pregnant women shouldn’t eat PB because it can increase the child’s risk for a peanut allergy?  Yikes.  Say it isn’t so!

snackLunch: a little squash, a few carrots, and two turkey chili muffinsI made a batch for Kevin’s lunch too!

turkeySnack: frozen banana, milk, and chocolate protein shake topped with chocolate chips

shakeDinner: appetizer of a few handfuls of chips and some jambalaya

sausageThese sausages were pretty good, and as always, the shrimpies were tasty too.

shrimpDessert: chocolate pie!  graham cracker crust and organic pudding filling, mmmmm


  • Do you ever make a dessert for yourself without any other occasion?

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27 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday

  1. My mom didn’t eat peanuts while she was pregnant with me (they’re not huge in Europe) and I ended up with a peanut allergy anyways. Le boo. And who needs a special occasion to enjoy a dessert :P That pie sounds delicious… especially the pudding filling.

  2. I love jambalaya! I haven’t made it in ages though – that’s something I need to make again soon.

    And that chocolate pudding pie looks amazing. :D I don’t usually make dessert for myself if I don’t have an occasion. If it’s just an average weeknight and I want dessert, I’ll have something that doesn’t require much assembly like ice cream or chocolate.

  3. Good to know about the PB fact. I always thought that when I am pregnant I will eat a ton of peanut butter to prevent and allergy but knowing me I’d probably overdo it! Lately I’ve been into AB though. The Justin’s vanilla AB especially!

    • Tiff says:

      I’ve heard really good things about Justin’s, but it was a little more pricey than the store brand one I got. Perhaps next time I’m splurge! ;)

  4. I just did a Tracy Anderson workout! (Not the pregnancy one, haha but still!)

    Mmm chocolate chips in a chocolate protein shake sounds delicious to me!

  5. If eating peanuts during pregnancy can cause allergies, any future children of mine are screwed. I wouldn’t be able to go 9 months without! ;-) And sometimes, you just need to pull together an awesome dessert without an occasion in mind :-p love the sounds of that chocolate pudding filling!

  6. I feel ya on the eating before working out! Sometimes I can make it by with just a banana but sometimes I wake up famished and breakfast is a must.

    I wish I made myself more desserts without an occasion. Normally I end up munching on some fruit or chocolate after dinner.

  7. Sometimes if I have a recipe that I really really want to test out, and then I share it with my house mates or guests!

  8. Oh man, that chocolate pie looks SO good!

  9. I eat rice cakes with almond butter nearly every day! They’re even better if you top with blueberries or strawberries & sprinkle with cinnamon!

  10. Lisa says:

    Totally not necessary to enjoy dessert when there isn’t a special occasion. Sometimes we just need a little treat.
    I didn’t know about the peanut thing! Interesting. I actually prefer almond butter to peanut butter!

  11. I definitely make desserts even when there isn’t a special occasion- gotta treat yourself!

  12. I think AB is definitely an acquired taste. I didn’t like it at first bite, but after eating it several times I fell in love!

  13. I’ve never heard that about pregnant women eating peanut butter! Hmm…I wonder if it’s true.
    I would be okay eating almond butter and sunflower butter in the meantime.

    That chocolate pie, holy yumminess.

  14. Caren says:

    love sweat beers? OMG, you’re a girl after my own heart!! Okay, I’d be more like love, sweat, wine, but that’s just semantics. Great to find your blog!

  15. I luv chicken sausage! I really like chicken apple sausage!
    Everything looks mouthwatering! Yum

  16. No PB? I’d die! Good thing I’m not pregnant ;)

  17. mmm i love chicken sausage :)

  18. that’s so crazy about the pb! i would have thought the opposite!

  19. I have definitely been known to make dessert for myself, but now that I have my son I don’t feel so bad because we can share!

  20. Juli says:

    That pie looks so good! Dessert for myself? A big yes! I have some chocolate protein chia pudding in the fridge at the moment waiting only for me tonight :-)

  21. Serena says:

    I absolutely find excuses to eat dessert alll the time :) Chocolate and I are quite in love. That pie looks PHENOM!

  22. Hmmm, my mom ate a lot of ice cream when she was pregnant with me because she had a hard time with keeping her weight up…figures I’d develop lactose intolerance! Ha! :(

    That jambalaya looks amazing!! I’ve seen those sausages before but have never tried them.

    I’m not much of a dessert person, but some of my breakfasts would lead you to think otherwise! ;)

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