WIAW: Sugar Overload

Hey! Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). This one’s filled with protein, fiber, vitamins, and of course… sugar. Whoops!

wiawI was seriously dragging yesterday, which I assume made the sugar cravings even worse than normal. That’s what I get for missing my afternoon nap. (I have an entirely new appreciation for my lunch breaks!)

Breakfast: egg white n’ cheese sandwich with a plum

breakfastSnack: decaf coffee and almonds

almondsLunch: salad… and I just had to finish this last lonely slice of peach kuchen

saladpeachSnack: one chocolate chip Kashi cookie and a little skim milk (no picture – it just kinda snuck itself in there)

Snack: plain Greek yogurt, half a peach, and a little Barlean’s fish oil

snackDinner: beef taco night with extra veggies! (zucchini, bell pepper, onion, and a small side of refried black beans)

tacosDessert: peanut butter and some M&Ms (as if I hadn’t had enough sugar – at least Baby E loved it)

  • Are you’re cravings sweet or salty?
  • Hard Tacos – yay or nay? These reminded me of how much I prefer soft tacos!

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28 Responses to WIAW: Sugar Overload

  1. I start craving sugar a lot more when I don’t get enough sleep too… Which is probably going to happen today since I’m up at a ridiculous hour. Ahh well… such is life. And I’d have to say that I have a bigger sweet tooth than salty tooth, but there are definitely those times where I’m scooping salsa out of the jar 😉

  2. I crave salty foods over sweet foods for the most part…however, I could eat a whole jar of peanut butter & be quite content lol.

  3. I will always have the biggest sweet tooth! but then whenever I satisfy my sweet craving I start craving salty lol…vicious cycle!

  4. Always sweet! I never crave salty foods.
    I agree with you 100% soft tacos are way better!

  5. I have such a sweet tooth, so I’m always craving sweet over salty! I’m definitely fan of the soft tacos over the hard tacos. I guess I’m just not a fan of that extra crunch.

  6. Oh those crispy taco shells are so hard to eat! I much prefer soft ones 🙂

  7. MizFit says:

    Im so so so salty.

  8. I am 100% a sweets person…although onion rings and chips and salsa not withstanding. I definitely notice the sugar cravings more when I’m tired, and considering that the dog didn’t let me get a lot of sleep last night there’s a pretty good chance that that will be happening today.
    And I adore hard tacos. It’s all about the crunch!

  9. I find that when I *start* to eat sweets, then I crave them all of the time. But if I stay away from them for a while (only have my one piece of dark chocolate each day), then I can curb that control. My husband has a weakness for chips, while my vice is cheese. So I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or salty to me!

    I prefer hard shell tacos. I didn’t realize it until I was eating soft shelled ones for years and then spontaneously had a hard one one day. I also prefer corn tortillas/shells.

  10. I’m all about sweets. I usually always have something sweet after every meal. Just a little something. I love soft tacos but crunchy are good too. I love all Mexican!

  11. Lisa says:

    I too, prefer soft tacos.
    There’s something about the texture that throws me off.
    And I’m definitely a sweets craver! I basically have no salt tooth at all.

  12. Those Taco’s look amazing I haven’t had Mexican in ages. And I used to crave savoury things (not salty), but nowadays I don’t really know. But there are days where all I want to eat is cereal!

  13. My cravings can be both sweet or savoury and lately it’s been more than confusing with me craving both simultaneously. Leading to some extra snacking around to figure out which I craved more and I’ve been having the hardest time to feel satisfied.
    Can I just say it made me smile a little to see you said ‘kuchen’ instead of cake :)?

  14. I’m more of a salty food craver… but I can throw DOWN on sweets 😉 haha

  15. I’m loving your photography. Everything looks bright and cheerful. That salad must be good if even your cat’s trying to sneak a bite 😉

  16. Lately I’m craving salty. Yesterday morning during a run, I started to crave pickles. Maybe it was the salt or because I smelled fresh dill. Of course I had one once I got home. Hit the spot! And no! I’m not pregnant. 😉

  17. SALT!!!!!!! If I could, I will have a salt lick in my house! oh wait, why can’t I??? I am going to a horse feed store TOMORROW LOL!!!

  18. Salad looks great…I love chick peas! Kitty seems to like it too! Have a great day!

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