Hello 27!

Happy Birthday to Me!  This weekend is going to be fun fun fun and busy busy busy.  Lemme’ break it down…

birthdayThis girl is coming to visit me!  That’s us boating as kids, dancing at the 8th-grade dance, posing for a random mall photo (typical teenagers), and dressing up for our sophomore homecoming.

friendsWe don’t get to see each other often, but every time I see her, I am reminded of the power of friendship.  You don’t come across buddies like these every day!


Throwback from My Bridal Shower 5 Yrs Ago

Before she gets here, I’m taking a half-day off from work (last week for summer hours, booo) to have lunch with my mama.  Mom is also going to bake me a cobbler for my b-day “cake,” and she’s going to teach me her secrets while she does it.

(cobber > pie > crisp > cake > cupcake… but that’s just my opinion)


Obligatory Cat Photo (She still fits!)

Then Saturday is my baby shower (squeeeee!) followed by brunch with friends on Sunday.  I have a feeling that 27 is going to be a fabulous year.  I don’t know that I’ll ever fear getting older if they years keep getting better.

  • What’s planned for your weekend?
  • Do you have those friends you never see but still cherish?

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36 Responses to Hello 27!

  1. cottercrunch says:

    happy birthday beautiful mama to be! enjoy that friendship weekend. It’s so important, agreed!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tiff! What you said about 27 going to be a fabulous year and each year just getting better? Love it! And this year is going to be a special one for you with the arrival of your little guy :D

    Hope you have an awesome day!

  3. Happy happy birthday! Have a wonderful and super fun weekend!

  4. Happy birthday!!! I’m sure this will be an amazing year for you :)

  5. Linz says:

    lol!!! borderline inappropriate to shopping at forever 21 – cracks me up!! happy birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Tiff! Hope it’s incredibly fun and enjoyable!

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating and catching up with an old friend. I see one of my best friends maybe once a year if we are lucky but still cherish her friendship. You have pie listed between cobbler and crisp, I think I have always referred to a crisp as a cobbler and vice versa.

    • Tiff says:

      Thanks! Cobblers have a sweet biscuit-like dough topping, and crisps have a streusel-like sugar/butter/oat/but topping. If the filling were apple, I’d totally go for the crisp, but today is all about the summer berries! (Excited)

  8. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!

  9. James says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like you have an awesome weekend planned!

  10. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it will be a fantastic weekend. The best are friends whom you don’t see or talk to for a long time, but when you meet up, you pick up just where you left off. ;-)

  11. Happy Birthday Tiff! Sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned! Have fun!

  12. Happy birthday, enjoy the day and your visit with your friend :)
    Not much planned, drive in movie tonight, farmer’s market tomorrow morning and Sunday we are going to the international fireworks competition!

  13. Happy birthday!! i think you’re right 27 is going to be one of your best years yet! thats so fun your friend is coming in. i have 3 friends who i rarely get to see because they live so far, but talk to all the time. its so exciting when we actually get to visit. and have a great baby shower!!!

  14. Happy birthday! Your birthday weekend sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun with some great people. Enjoy!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday!! And I love those friendships where you may not see each other often, but you know that they’re still there for you no matter what.

  16. Happy Birthday, Tiff!
    Your lucky to have a friendship for that long. It must be nice to look back on the years you guys have shared together. Sounds like you’ll have a wonderful weekend!

  17. happy Birthday!!!! I hope its a fabulous one for you! :):)

    I definitely have friends I rarely get to see but still hold very dearly.

    Weekend will be busy with a baseball game with family tonight, watching my man race tomorrow, a few runs and workouts (including my first 20 miler since the spring), and getting ready for vacation in a week!

  18. Happy birthday to you!! Hope you enjoy your day. Seeing far away friends is the best!

  19. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a great weekend of celebrations (starting early this afternoon) – woohoo!! Have an amazing! :)

  20. Elle says:

    Happy Birthday… have a wonderful day.!

  21. Happy birthday to you!!!!

    I do have lots of amazing friends that I don’t get to see very often..that said, our connection always remains :)

  22. Happy Birthday Tiff – 27 is going to be a HUGE year with the little one on the way!
    Have fun friend time – that’s the BEST!.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  23. Happy Birthday! I am celebrating my Bday this weekend too and definitely enjoyed the flash down memory lane. I was thinking of some old pictures for the blog as well. Where do 32 years go?!

  24. theanniehall says:

    happy bday! we are almost bday twins.
    sounds like a lovely treat to get to see an old friend!
    the pix of yall on the tube is adorable! lol

  25. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!! Hope you’re having a fabulous day! xoxo

  26. Happy Birthday, Tiff! I’d say you can not only have a feeling but be absolutely sure 27 is going to be a pretty awesome year. With all of the change coming up in your life it’s going to be one you’ll never forget in the best way possible.
    Judging from your plans – baby shower! meeting an old friend – your weekend’s shaping up to be fantastic. Actually, aside from lots of relaxing my weekend’s highlight will be my mum coming over and taking me out for (pasta) lunch on Sunday, too. It means a lot to me she’ll take up the journey just for a few hours spend together.
    Hope you’ll have a great celebration!

  27. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you get spoiled rotten!

  28. Nikki says:

    Happy belated birthday!! Hope you’ve having a wonderful time!!! Love the flashback pictures :)

  29. I’m a day late but happy birthday!

  30. Happy Birthday! I think 27 is going to be a great year indeed, especially with your little peanut on the way. Speaking of, I’m amazed the kitty still makes it onto your lap. So cute.

  31. Happy birthday gorgeous! 27 is a wonderful age! I have a feeling it is going to be made very special by your little one! xoxo

  32. Happy belated birthday my dear! I have a very good feeling 27 will bring you only the best ;) My birthday is on Tuesday fellow virgo!

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