Fabulous Friday

My weekly “bumpdates” have me feeling like a Debbie Downer.  Sure, most all pregnancy symptoms are unpleasant, but I don’t want you to think I’m moping around wallowing in self-pity day-in and day-out.

There’s lots of fabulous stuff going on, and here’s just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Weekend: It’s Friday, and that alone is pretty fabulous.

friday2. Packages: I received my monthly Harry & David fruits (peaches and pears for the win!), and Designer Whey sent me a lil’ somthin’ somethin’ too!

harry and davidI’m really eager to try this stuff.  Get ready for a future review… and giveaway… muahahaha!

whey3. Blends: Blogger friends are fabulous, especially sweeties like Corey who sent this baby gift and adorable card.  So thoughtful!!!

blend4. Friends: Let’s face it, it’s not just blends that are fabulous.  I’m eager to see some of my girls this weekend.  From coffee dates to foodie meetups, it’s going to be fun!

DelFriscoImage “borrowed” from Diana

5. Trying New Things: I made lamb vindaloo Wednesday night, and we enjoyed the leftovers last night.  It’s not exactly recipe-worthy, but it gave me a chance to try out my yummy new spice blend from Savory Spice Shop.


  • What’s making your Friday fabulous?

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22 Responses to Fabulous Friday

  1. OMG…I’m SO glad it’s Friday too! It’s been such a long week! That’s so cool that you get a monthly delivery of pears. They must be amazing!

  2. I love Fridays! First day of the weekend ;) I’m looking forward to trying Designer Whey too!

  3. Peaches! Err.. well peaches -are- making my life fabulous lately, but I’m totally coveting those beauties you got in your H&D box. As for the fabulousness of Friday, right now it’s a warm cup of my favourite tea to hopefully wake me up a bit, and later it’ll be going out to see Seinfeld. Woop! Never been to a comedy act before… should be a good time.

  4. Coco says:

    We have been devouring peaches in my house. No chance to make a cobbler — just wash and eat — and wipe the juice from your chin!

  5. Mmm I want lamb vinadloo. Court & I went for an Indian feast yesterday & lamb curry was one of the dishes in the buffet.
    Yay Friday! I’m going camping in a few hrs! :)

  6. I have this Friday off, so that’s definitely making my day fabulous!!!! Have a fun weekend and night out with the girls!

  7. You’re right- Fridays are fabulous. Packages are always fun, too. Enjoy the girl time!

  8. Yea – I’m glad u liked your surprise!!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  9. lol- go home at 5…stop working at 10am seems a little more accurate :) i love lamb vindaloo, that must have been a tricky recipe! yay its friday- have a great weekend!

  10. You may have sparked a craving for Indian food, it’s been a while since I had it! And I’m just happy that it’s Friday…it was a short week here, but it definitely didn’t feel like one!

  11. Awesome for getting to try new things- i am curious to see what you think about Designer whey- I have heard a lot of different things!

    Glad you get to spend some time with friends this weekend, I do too and that definitely makes me happy!

  12. I lovvvvve vindaloo!

    I got the day off…it’s been pretty fab so far :)

  13. That ecard about Friday is sooooo true!

  14. Lisa says:

    Happy Friday!
    I always love getting sent stuff – it’s like pre-Christmas;)
    Sounds like your weekend will be a lot of fun!

  15. Happy Friday to you too. I’d be coveting your fruit box, except I scored peaches and a watermelon in my most recent CSA pickup, and that is what’s making me happy today.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Jenny says:

    I want to steal your cat. :-) today is fabulous because tomorrow I get to attend a polo match for the first time!

  17. Baha, that e card for number 1 is SO true! ;) Though today, my Friday has been quite busy and I have been working, working, working!

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