Friday Five

Did anyone have an IPA for #IPAday yesterday?  I stuck with water.  What fun!  Sigh…  haha  I’m actually not missing beer nearly as much as I thought I would.  In fact, I hardly miss it at all.

Anyway… I have a handful of items to share today, so let’s get to it.

1. Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby!  You’re the best Kev!

kevin   kevin

2. I created a new workout plan that I’ll be starting and sharing next week.  I was going bonkers on my rest day yesterday, so I’ve removed mid-week rest days (among other things).  On the bright side, my refrigerator and floors are sparkling!  (active rest, ha)

3. I’m thinking about maternity photos.  When my preg acne first appeared, I said heeeeck NO I’m not doing maternity photos!  Plus, I think they’re usually kind of awkward.  But, the more I think of it, the more I might want some.  I’m due in November, and our 5-year anniversary is in October.  I think that’d be a great anniversary gift.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  Know how much it costs?


Beyond Awkward

4. Last night was semi-homemade pizza night.  Yeah… pizza… ’nuff said.


5. I know little girls get most of the cute clothes and accessories (dresses and frilly socks are hard to top), but I’ve been finding the cutest boys clothes.  I haven’t been buying any (I’m cheap), but they’re just darling.  Elbow patches!



  • Okay… those are my five.  What are some of yours?

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17 Responses to Friday Five

  1. Mmm! The pizza looks great. Which reminds me, have you ever tried cooking pizza on the BBQ? It’s seriously awesome.

  2. Happy Birthday to your man 🙂 Saw the cake you were making for him on IG this morning and I have to say… he’s a lucky guy! (my birthday is in January, by the way 😉 ). And I think that a maternity shoot would be an awesome idea, as long as it’s more tastefully done than the one you showed. Oh my eyes 😯

  3. I generally find IPA’s too hoppy and bitter for my taste-I much prefer porters and stouts (looking forward to winter when I can drink my porters again).
    I also love elbow patches! I just bought a shirt the other day with elbow patches on them for me!

  4. We are doing maternity photos, some here can get really pricey. We are paying $350 for maternity and newborn ones and that gives us 50-60 images on a CD from each session. Sometimes i find people charge less but you may only get prints or 10 images a session. I want most of the photos 🙂
    I love little boys clothes! All my friends have boys so I mastered finding the cutest ones 🙂

  5. Happy birthday to your guy! I’m on the fence about maternity photos – I think that if they’re done well they can be beautiful, and if they’re not..well…they turn out like the one you featured, lol. I think you should try it though!
    And that little sweater. That is so freakin’ cute, I’m glad that they make some adorably stylish things for boy babies too!

  6. Hahaha – pleaseeeee do at least one creepy maternity shot. For fun.

  7. Pizza – yum! And I’ve seen some of those awkward maternity photos. Really just makes you shake your head (and giggle)

  8. One of my friends has the most beautiful pregnancy photos. They are done with her draped in cloth and they are just gorgeous!

  9. hahaha! that pic is hilarious!

  10. olivetorun says:

    Homemade pizza is definitely one of my all time favorites. Looks delicious!

  11. That pizza looks fab!! And happy birthday to your hubby!

  12. That pizza looked delicious!!

    I hope your husband had an enjoyable birthday!

  13. Mmm, got to love pizza night! I think you should go for the photos, that way you’ll have them and even if you hate them, you won’t regret not taking them.

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