Cool in the Pool

Did yesterday feel like Friday to anyone else?  Oh well, today is Friday, and that’s all that really matters.  Before heading off to the gym today, I want to share my workout from yesterday.

Swimming is supposed to be great for preggos, and being able to squeeze into my one piece was all the motivation I needed to get my butt to the pool.  (Ha – no pictures of that!)  I began with 30 minutes of cardio. (5 min swim, 5 min walk laps, 5 min swim, etc.)  Swimming felt normal, which is great, and pool walking always feels great for my knees, feet, hips.

pool I stayed in the pool to complete my strength session, which took about 25 minutes.  Do each superset (the 2 listed exercises), recover, and do it again a total of three times.  Then move onto the next superset.  In total, this took about 25 minutes.

  • The noodle leg lifts were adapted from this FitPregnancy move. Put noodle behind your back, and lean back slightly with feet on bottom of pool.  With legs straight, use abs to pull feet up to the surface; hold for three counts.  Lower, and repeat.
  • For sweeping deadlift, hold a water dumbbell in front of you with straight arms (right hand on weight, left hand over it to fit).  Bend forward at the waist keeping back straight, and raise right leg straight behind you.  As you swing your straight right leg under you (to standing position), use your back muscles to pull the weight down in front of you as well with straight arms and a flat back.  Do all reps before switching sides.
  • Squat down a bit in the water until it comes to your shoulders.  Push down two water dumbbells, one in each hand, as if you were doing dips on parallel bars.  These are pretty easy, so keep reps high.
  • Do swinging leg lifts one leg at a time.  Standing upright,raise right leg quickly out to the side and quickly return it back to start.  After you complete reps, switch sides.  Focus not only on your lower body but also your core stabilization.
  • Imagine lateral raises with dumbbells.  For lateral downs, hold water dumbbells at or just below the surface in the up position, and press down instead of raising up.
  • Check out this FitPregnancy link for info on the cross-country ski.  I was skeptical at first, but it felt good and not at all jarring.

One thing’s for sure, pool workouts = hungry!  Sure I refueled with a healthy breakfast, but later I met my mama for a lunch date.  Bring on the noodles!

noodleOh, and this is just because I felt like sharing it.  Leia loves belly!  (I don’t let her walk all over me, and her heaviest parts aren’t actually pressing on her little brother.  No worries, just sibling bonding.)

kittyHave a wonderful weekend y’all!

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19 Responses to Cool in the Pool

  1. I’ve never done a pool workout, but they look really fun! That would be perfect for me right now, since one of my legs is messed up. Aw, Leia – so sweet. I LOVE CATS.

  2. Linz says:

    i love being in the pool in the summertime so i have to try this!! we’re headed to the lake this weekend, so it may turn into the “cool in the lake” workout haha

  3. I wish I liked swimming more, everyone says is awesome when you are pregnant. But I am so not a swimmer at all.
    That is so cute with Leia! My cat has not a clue… not even of the belly – so oblivious.

  4. I’ve never been a big swimmer, so I’ve never really done a pool workout. I should give it a shot sometime though, this looks doable!

  5. Great idea to do a strength workout in the pool! Have a great weekend!

  6. i’m not very agile in pools, but from my one summer of swim team i can agree that swimming makes me RAVENOUSLY hungry. i eat everything afterwards. those noodles look delicious 🙂

    • Tiff says:

      I’m not so agile either. My version of “swimming” probably looks more like “flailing” but I get over it. haha

  7. Omg that pic is adorable!!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. Such a cute picture! Thanks for sharing the pool workout too, it’s definitely good low impact cross training!

    I love thai food and noodles like that, my absolute favorite!

  9. Lisa says:

    That picture is so sweet. I heart it.
    I definitely love the pool. I actually used to be a serious competitive swimmer when I was younger, but ended up quitting when I couldn’t stand training the 9 times per week and have a social life haha.

  10. The pool sounds like perfection this weekend! have a good one!

  11. Love the pool workout! I have a noodle, but no other pool equipment. Is there any substitute for the dumbbells?

    • Tiff says:

      Hmmm… Perhaps empty but sealed bottles would work, like a 2-liter or a couple 12-oz water bottles? I hope that helps!

  12. I’ve never done a pool workout, love the idea!

  13. Will says:

    I love swimming and hiking, in fact I used to swim a lot when we had a pool nearby before. I prefer swimming as it is an exercise that puts work on all your body parts fairly from head to toe. A balanced workout I would say

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