Got the Fidgets

Ever get the fidgets?  I had ’em yesterday, that’s for sure.  Per my new workout plan, Thursdays are now rest days for me.  I figure 5 days a week is good enough; 6 was starting to feel a bit heavy.

So yesterday I got up, had my coffee, and I didn’t work out.  I sat, ate breakfast, had coffee, and sat some more.  It wasn’t particularly fun.


On my lunch break, I went for a 10 minute walk, practiced 20 minutes of prenatal yoga, and skipped my planned nap.  Leia didn’t understand how I could skip a nap.


My fidgets only got worse as the day continued.  I ran some errands after work – one of which included a stop at GNC.  Though I wanted to buy this: (somehow over $90 at the store but $50-something on their website)


While there I happened to see this:  (haha, what’s their target market???)

russian bear

Anyway… I digress.  It was Kevin’s grand idea to go out to dinner.  Yesssss!  We went to Dolce Ristorante and both got a shrimp, sundried tomato, and pasta dish.  It was delicious!


Yup.  We both ate it all.  Full belly = fidgets replaced by sleepies.  Winning!  Happy Friday All!

  • Ever get the fidgets?
  • Does it feel odd to have mid-week rest days?

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18 Responses to Got the Fidgets

  1. If it were up to Nick we’d go to dinner every night! I’m so glad it’s NOT up to him 🙂
    I don’t get the “Fidgets” often, but when I do…I roll with it. It typically means my body is telling me something, so I just take it easy and let those fidgets take over!

  2. Lindsey says:

    I almost always have a mid week rest day, if not I get too tired and worn out. Then Saturday is always my second rest day.

  3. Over $90 for protein?! Holy moly, I would pass!! haha

    • Tiff says:

      I know, right? It was at least the 5-lb jug, but since I’ve never tried it before, that sounded like a risky investment. I stuck with MRM whey intsead, my go-to.

  4. I absolutely get the fidgets – I’m kind of terrible at sitting still. I’m the person always playing with my hair, needing to walk around if I’m talking on the phone, and if I have a couch day, am feeling incredibly antsy by the end of it. I actually usually do take a rest day on Wednesdays, just because I can only go so many days in a row of getting up at 6 am.

  5. Sometimes it feels odd for me to have mid-week rest days, but then I just incorporate a rest day into the weekend which is nice, especially on Sundays! 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    I get the fidgets SO bad sometimes. I remember at school I used to get them all the time, I’m pretty sure people hated me by the way I was constantly fidgeting at my desk.
    I’ve kind of always been that way though, and my parents are both like that too – so maybe it’s genetic;)
    Um $90 for protein powder! That’s insane.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I’m very fidgety all the time, have been since I was a kid!

    One of these days I want to take a complete day off of work and everything else during the week…sometimes I feel like that is more beneficial than a weekend day to get more things done!

  8. I definitely get the fidgets when I don’t get in a workout. It’s like somethings missing and I cant sit still until it’s done!

  9. I can so relate to the fidgets!! I get them all the time… especially when I”m at work. I just don’t like sitting still. I’ve been thinking about getting an exercise ball to sit on for days like that. Maybe that’d help?

  10. I get the fidgets a lot always have to have something going. I don’t even notice it but everyone else seems to get pretty annoyed by it, since I guess I tap my foot a lot.

    And I never plan rest days but sometimes if I am not feeling it I just won’t do anything strenuous. I will go for a walk instead 😀

  11. LOVE the new header…when did that happen? 🙂

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