Wine & Dancing

With a title like “Wine & Dancing,” it’s bound to be a fun post, eh?  Okay, I can’t actually drink wine or dance (two left feet and no rhythm), but luckily there is non-alcoholic wine and some dancing gifs that can.

So this is how I feel when I eat ice cream:

Single Ladies

And this is how I imagine Baby E feels from the wiggling I feel after my dessert: (***You guys remember the dancing baby, yes?)

baby dancing gif photo: Dancing Baby Dancingbaby.gif

This is how I feel when I first start working out in the morning:


Even though I probably look like this:


And this is how I imagine Baby E feels waking up in my belly during those morning sessions:

Baby E Wow

Ha – okay, enough of that.  Time for wine!

I’ve now tried a couple Fre varieties, one Ariel (the cabernet sauvignon), and one St. Regis.  So far, this St. Regis is coming out ahead, though none of them really fit the bill.  It’s just nice to have a little something in your hand while everyone else is swirling, toasting, and throwing ’em back.


This one is juice-like, but it’s pleasant enough.  I should have gone for NA beer this weekend instead since we grilled brats with some friends (yeah… have I mentioned Kevin and I really enjoy hosting???)  But whateva’ – I guess I still had wine on the brain from California.


lotsa’ brats

  • The first gif is how you feel when you _______.

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12 Responses to Wine & Dancing

  1. Ha ha, loving the gifs, there are lots of things I want to enter in the blank! I guess I get like that after a great workout, on the inside anyways 😀

  2. Hahaha love these gifs! and theres this really good, always packed brunch place in town that you cant make reservations for- that first gif is how i feel when eric and i get there early enough so we get right in without a wait 🙂

  3. “leave work on Friday afternoon!”

  4. the dancing videos were hilarious!

  5. The first gif is how you feel when something has gone my way!

  6. Haha I haven’t seen that dancing baby in years! Such a classic 😉

  7. You are such a trooper!! Preg. Wife of the year award!!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. Haha – thanks for all the great dancing gifs! So funny! I’d imagine a lot of nonalcoholic wines would have a similar taste to juice.

  9. I am probably one of the worst dancers, like good thing my boyfriend doesn’t get embarrassed by anything and can laugh it off with me. But I would say I feel like that after a great workout! Working out always seems to make me feel good!

  10. Gifs= amazing.

    The first one is how I feel when I eat anything yummy, or when I do a workout better than planned.

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