Friday Five

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday!  I bet y’all already knew that though, eh?  Here are my five for the week:

1. I’ve got a new workout coming attcha’ next week.  Woohoo!  I’ve been doing it this week, and I really like it.  Of course, there’s a good bit of walking involved, but you could easily sub in running or whatever you’re into these days.


4-Mile Walk with Bump

2. This.  I read this post by Latina Fatale and loved it: How to Talk to Little Girls.

3. Three words: Mellow Mushroom Calzone!!!  This was last night’s dinner.  I’m still dairy-free, but they have vegan cheeze.  (Side Note: the vegan stuff was kinda good, but let’s just say I’m holding off on more pizza until I’m back on the dairy train.)


Yes, they still powdered it with Parmesan.

4. Need a laugh?  Though this is especially comical for me, this dad’s hilarious GIF-filled blog about his pregnant wife would bring a smile to anyone’s face: Pregnant Husband Tumblr.

 If Kevin had asked for a bite of my pizza last night…Angry Wonka

5. Future’s so bright, gotta’ wear shades.  The Sunglasses Shop recently sent me these babies to try and review, and they fit great!  They’re even polarized, which is very important to me.  The only problem is my hair constantly catches in the frames.  Ouch!!!  I’ll save them for runs and walks when my hair is in a ponytail!


These are North Beach glasses, but they have a variety of choices, ranging from designer brands to Oakley.  Check ‘em out!


Enjoy your weekend!  What are you up to tonight/tomorrow???


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17 Responses to Friday Five

  1. Nikki says:

    Those sunglasses are really cute! Love the bump picture :)

  2. Man, I’m not even pregnant and that’s usually my response when someone asks me to take a bite of my food… I’m a horrible person ;) Not too sure what’s in store for this weekend, to be honest… The weather is looking kind of wonky, so I foresee a lot of time spent inside.

  3. Love the tiny bump! And I’m looking forward to seeing the new workout! Happy Friday!

  4. Haha I agree with Amanda – I have a hard time giving up a bite of my food, especially if it’s really good. :P

    I wish we had Mellow Mushroom here. I’ve seen it on a few blogs before and it always looks so good!

  5. I’m so excited, we’re getting a Mellow Mushroom here opening next week. After always hearing how awesome they are, I’m super excited. I got a pair of Oakley running sunglasses about a month ago. LOVE

  6. Nice! Cute top and I love, love, loved Mellow Mushroom when we were in NC! Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh my gosh look at your bump! and i agree with amanda and chelsea- i dont share food that well :) cool shades! have a great weekend!!

  8. Yay for bump photos! So cute! Love the shades too! I hate when my hair gets stuck in the lenses!

  9. Kelli H says:

    Thanks for sharing those links!

    It’s my birthday/bridal shower weekend! Wooohooo!

  10. Katie says:

    Love the links. Weekend plans include kiddie soccer and RUNNING!! Wahoo! OH and grad school homework. BOO

  11. That mushrooms calzone looks and sounds absolutely fantastic!! Yum :).

  12. Haha. Thanks for sharing that Pregnant husband tumblr page. I do not have a husband (nor boyfriend) and I am not pregnant either. However, that was hilarious.

    And cute dress in that last picture. Rocking the sunglasses :)

  13. I need to check out that how to talk to little girls post. Have a great weekend!!

  14. I’m in desperate need of “active” shades! Too many crows feet are popping up around my eyes. Gotta check out the sunglass shop!

  15. I am so excited for your baby bump to pop! :)

  16. Ohhh now that there is a mellow mushroom near my house I might need to try the calzone!

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