WIAW: Back on Track

Long weekends are fun, as is eating out and trying fun foods.  However, it sure does feel good to get back to normal, doesn’t it?  Kevin and I actually flew out to St. Louis on Thursday, so it was an extra-long weekend for us.  Now I’m just extra-loving my fruits and veggies (well… most of them.)  Check out Peas & Crayons for other meals and recipes!

First Breakfast: spoonful of natural pb before my Tracy Anderson preggo DVD

Second Breakfast: post-workout power smoothie (recipe below)


Snack: 10 almonds and a Cheerios banana-raisin muffin


Lunch: broccoli, baby sweet potatoes, and heated Applegate Farms deli turkey (most days will be 2 grilled chicken tenders instead of deli meat)


Snack: about 1/2 cup edamame, large red apple, and a cup of Trop50 Lemonade


Dinner: grilled chicken avocado wrap with lettuce and a bit of enchilada sauce paired with the most gross food ever (ha… not an asparagus fan)


Dessert: granola and unsweetened almond milk (I’m trying to cut down on dairy, so there’s no ice cream for me!)


Power Smoothie:

  • 2 handfuls baby spinach, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 tsp Barlean’s fish oil (mango flavor), 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 frozen, cubed banana
  • Whip it all up in a food processor.  Sooooo yum!


  • Ever tried to cut down on dairy?
  • Best thing you’ve eaten lately?

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28 Responses to WIAW: Back on Track

  1. I’m not a fan of asparagus either! It’s like the one and only vegetable I don’t like.

    I’ve never tried to cut down on dairy – I would have such a hard time going without Greek yogurt and cheese!

  2. I’ve tried to cut down on dairy in the past, but never made it very far!! It’s a staple in my diet (Greek yogurt and cottage cheese mainly). I did stop drinking milk and switch to purely almond milk, but other than that…..no way!

    Favorite thing I’ve eaten lately would be my teff pudding. It’s addicting.

  3. I’m vegan so no dairy for me! I don’t miss it at all and originally cut it out for health reasons…my digestion improved and my skin, haven’t looked back since!

    • Tiff says:

      How long did it take for you to notice a difference? I’m doing it for skin reasons, so hopefully it doesn’t take long!

  4. lindsay says:

    glad you like the barleans! tasty eh? Good luck with dairy, it can be tricky. Coconut ice cream to the rescue!

  5. Jessie says:

    I’ve THOUGHT of cutting back on dairy, but never went through with it. Baby steps right?! Ha Ha!

    • Tiff says:

      Yup! I’ve thought about it a number of times, so we’ll see if I can actually stay dairy-free for more than a week or two this time! haha

  6. Nikki says:

    Those baby sweet taters are too cute! I’ve never been a huge milk fan, but I LOVE yogurt so I think that would be hard for me to cut out!

  7. That power smoothie sounds delicious! I had something similar for breakfast, but I added kale… a little too much kale I think, haha.

  8. I love asparagus! It’s broccoli I can’t stand. And I know it’s so good for us…

  9. I have tried cutting down on dairy because I thought it was responsible for some stomach problems, but now I’m back on dairy and literally can’t go a day without it. that cheerios-banana-raisin muffin looks so yummy!

    • Tiff says:

      They’re good. The first time I made them I used blueberries instead of raisins, and I think that was better.

  10. No dairy? Say it ain’t so! I didn’t eat dairy back in the day when I was following a vegan diet, but I’m pretty sure it would be almost impossible for me to do again. I eat Greek yogurt like nobody’s business, and all the vegan yogurts are just… *shudder*

    • Tiff says:

      I’ve heard it helps some people with skin issues, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be happy if I can even make it 2 weeks to actually give it a fair shot!

  11. I’ve never had a reason to cut down on dairy…which is a good thing. I’m not a big fan of milk, but I pretty much need Greek yogurt and cheese.

    I made BLTs for dinner last night – those were pretty fabulous!

  12. Eating a “vegan with benefits” diet I’ve tried to cut out all dairy again lately. But after days of feeling very dissatisfied with my meals and soy yogurt being the only major swap I’d made I’m back to Greek yogurt now. Admittedly, though, I know I need to be careful not to overdo it because too much makes me feel sick. It’s all about the balance once again.
    Going without ice cream must be hard. I usually stick with vegan ice cream in anyway so maybe that’d work for you, too? If soy’s out of the card maybe a good sorbet?

    • Tiff says:

      Sorbet wouldn’t cut it for me, but I’m eager to try some soy or coconut ice cream. I’ve heard (mostly) good things!

  13. Mmmm, I just start eating edamame (I know, where have I been?) and can’t get enough. I love adding it to salads for protein. I’ve recently tried to cut back on dairy because I felt it was irritating my stomach. I still reach for a bit a Greek yogurt now and then, but other than that I felt much better cutting back on it.

  14. Sounds like some good eats! I’m lactose intolerant, so I really can’t have dairy. Thank goodness for almond/coconut milk, so I can have my cereal! 🙂

  15. That muffin recipe looks SO awesome! Thanks for linking the recipe :).

    • Tiff says:

      They’re pretty tasty! The first time I made them I used blueberries instead of raisins, and I think that was better.

  16. You know I’m with you on the asparagus!!! 🙂

  17. My hubby is not a fan of asparagus but I love it! I cut out all dairy for a few months and just recently started adding it back in with a little grass-fed Siggi’s yogurt from time to time. I feel much better without dairy but need the protein snack since I don’t eat a ton of meat. You’re eating so well during your pregnancy! Way to go!

  18. I’ve eaten like complete shit the past two days! Well, it was my birthday so I guess I’m allowed. Starting fresh tomorrow!

  19. If I ate what you did, I would be starving! lol Now that I’ve been consuming so much protein – anything less than 4 oz of chicken, seems like nothing. 🙁 Why are you cutting out dairy Tiff? Is it a preggers thing? I hope you are feeling good – BTW you know I am a HUGE TA fan. Obviously, i’ve never done her preg. dvd’s but I bet they are great.
    I wish you the best Tiff!

    xoxo from Trinidad

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