Gym Feelings & Quest Love

Happy Thursday!  I felt much better yesterday, which must have had something to do with all those well wishes.  Thanks a bunch!

Today is my leg day, but it’s nothing too crazy.  To be honest, I used to feel like this while working out (insert any BAMF here)…

but now I feel more like this – only not so tan.


Okay – I don’t actually have  belly like that, but I’m just happy I held onto some of my old soccer shirts so that I don’t have to be shimmying into spandex every morning.  Ahhhh, yes – gotta love baggy clothes.  In case anyone was wondering, I’m actually more like this in the gym right now.  (I took this sneaky selfie yesterday to show the bump!)


I worked out on my lunch break and had another spring salad afterwards.  I still got my protein for the day with protein oats for breakfast and a protein bar for snack, a Quest Nutrition protein bar to be exact.

Not tooooo long ago, Quest kindly sent me a mixed case of goodies to try, along with their new-ish pb cups, as part of their campaign with FitFluential.  I believe I mentioned receiving them, but now that I’ve tried more flavors, here are some thoughts.


I prefer the natural line, and so does my belly.  However, the others are good too.  My favorite of the original line is Chocolate Brownie, and my favorite of the natural line is Banana Nut Muffin, though Strawberry Cheesecake is quite tasty too.  I must admit, I’m not really a fan of the pb cups (die-hard Reese’s lover over here).


They’ve got loads of protein, are incredibly low-carb, and are packed with fiber.  What’s not to love?

  • How do you feel in the gym, pic 1 or pic 2, or something in between?
  • What’s your favorite snack or meal bar?

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19 Responses to Gym Feelings & Quest Love

  1. Sometimes when I’m out running, I pretend I’m Rich Roll running an ultra man… HAHAHA.
    I had such high hopes for Quest bars, but my tastebuds & gut were not a fan. I also can’t stand stevia – it tastes like aspartame to me. My go-to bar are Simply Bars – lemon coconut is my fav, and their new line of Simply Whey bars are great too!

    • Tiff says:

      I’ve been wanting to try those, but I haven’t yet. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them… once I whittle down my bar stockpile that is.

  2. I haven’t tried the Quest bars yet, but I want to. I haven’t looked at the ingredients yet, I have a feeling they contain fodmaps.
    I definantly feel more like pic 2…with the bump, but from bloat, not pregnancy! I’ve been falling off the fodmaps wagon lately, lots of onion!

    • Tiff says:

      Oh nooooo! haha Yeah, not sure if Quest bars would be good for sensitive tummies. I’m not as crazy about the non-natural partially for belly reasons.

  3. Nikki says:

    It totally depends on the day…sometimes I feel like 1 and others 2. Today was totally a 2 hahaha

    • Tiff says:

      Haha – no worries! You’ll be back to feeling like #1 in no time. (I really just had to use that picture. I have no idea why I found it so funny!)

  4. I like to pretend I look like #1, and while some days I can pull it off in my head, I’m pretty sure I’m somewhere in the middle. Unless I’m trying to run… then I just look like a goober. You look so good, though 🙂 Definitely nowhere near #2. Although you have to admit… he does have a sexy tan 😉

  5. You look incredible!! Love the selfie.
    Lately I’ve been feeling a lot like #2 without the tan. Hate feeling like this!

  6. I have for sure been feeling like picture 2 recently. After taking a few weeks off for injury I feel blah. I know that feeling will go away soon but it reminds me of why people who don’t work out try and quit right away.

  7. Caitlin says:

    it depends on what i’m wearing at the gym to be honest! sometimes if i’m wearing a top that’s tighter and i ate a less than healthy lunch, i feel like the second pic. but sometimes if i’ve been fueling well all day and am waering a cute outfit, i feel like the first pic!
    i really enjoyed the quest bars and have yet to try every flavor. i am a cheesecake fanatic so i need to get on the strawberry cheesecake. i agree my stomach likes the natural line better and i had the banana nut muffin flavor the other night, mmm. and my entire self LOVES the pb cups!!

  8. Hahaha totally depends on the day, but I’ve been feeling a lot like picture 2 lately (pms bloating gets me every time- those crazy hormones) i really must try quest bars, my favorite snack in bar form is the carrot cake larabar. the coconut one is a close second. happy thursday!

  9. Lawrence says:

    Pic 1 for sure!!! 🙂

    Favorites snack bar is Luna…those puppies rock!

  10. The banana nut muffin flavor sounds delicious!! I really need to try those!

  11. Haha you don’t even look pregnant yet! Women are so self conscious!

  12. Brittany says:

    My gym days always bounce around from picture one to picture three. HA! It also depends on what I am wearing. I can’t wear skin tight clothes, they have to be flowy running shirts! I don’t think you look pregnant yet either, I think you still look like a skinny mini!

  13. Ugh, since I’m just NOW getting back into the gym after MONTHS of being out AND coming back from Blend with a major sweet tooth, I DEFINITELY feel like pic #2…and yeah, not even the LEAST bit tan! Lol Baggy t-shirts are my friend!

    Love Quest bars!! The chocolate brownie, chocolate pb, and cookie dough are my favorites! Have you tried baking them? Soooo good!

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