New Move & Giveaway Winner

Woahmygoshit’sfinallyFriday!!!  As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited.  Kevin and I have a double-date on tap for tonight, so that should be fun.  He has class tomorrow, but I have a full day planned for myself.  It includes:

  • Long walk or spin class (monitoring the HR of course)
  • Trip to the mall or Babies R Us or Destination Maternity (so many options – so little time!)
  • Pedicure
  • Laying out for a wee bit while reading my latest library book (squeeee!)
  • Baking a blackberry cobbler (my favorite!)

Don’t you just feel awful for me given this arduous to-do list???


Enough of that, for those of you checking in to see who won the Bestowed box giveaway, the wait is over.  The winner is Heather from “Where’s the Beach?”!  Congrats!  I’ll email you shortly (unless you email me first) so that Bestowed can get you your goodies.

If you didn’t win, you can still use the discount code I mentioned in the giveaway post.  Yes folks, we’re all winners here.

Let’s see, I’ve covered fun, food, and so now it must be time for fitness.  If you’re like me, fitness often falls into the “fun” category too, but let’s not nit-pick.  I mentioned a move when I posted my new workout routine, but I didn’t post a description.  This video clip should help.

Got it?  As the belly grows, I don’t think pushups will be an option.  I’ve gotta get them in while I can!  This move works the chest, back, and core.  It’s a good one!

  • Tell me something food, fun, or fitness related you’ve got going on today or this weekend!!!


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13 Responses to New Move & Giveaway Winner

  1. lawrence says:

    Haha I see someone is excited its Friday! Enjoy your date tonight 😉

  2. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! I adore fruit cobblers/crisps/crumbles – I can’t wait until summer fruits are in season here so I can make them.

    This weekend I’m having a potluck lunch with my extended family for my birthday (even though my real birthday isn’t until the 25th)!

  3. Don’t you just love days dedicated entirely to yourself?! THE BEST.
    Well, it’s a long weekend here in Canada & it’s supposed to be rainy, so I plan on reading in bed & catching up on Real Housewives. Fitness wise – probably something casual like yoga & walking. HAPPY WEEKEND!!

  4. Nikki says:

    Ohhh I have done these without weights, but that extra bit of challenge would be great 🙂

  5. What a horrible to-do list. How will you cope?! Thinking about you during this trying time hahah ENJOY!!

  6. I miss spin classes. Enjoy your pedicure. I desperately need one! And I am sooo excited to win this. Can’t wait to see what I get!!

  7. I love pedicures!! i would get one every day if that made any sense at all 🙂 this weekend my boyfriend and i are trying a restaurant we’ve waited a month to get a reservation for, so i’m really psyched about that. have a great weekend!!

  8. looks like a tough move!! i’m heading to blend this weekend 🙂 🙂

  9. Hope you had a great double date!

    I’ve got family, friends, fun and relaxation planned for the weekend. I’m getting a pedicure on Tuesday 🙂

  10. I love days like that 🙂
    I have a 10k race tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.

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