Date Night… on Monday?

Kevin and I sort of had a little date night last night, so I’m going to keep this post short n’ sweet.  There’s no time for post-prepping when there are snuggles to be had!

I started off the day with a workout.  A good sweat is the best way to start a Monday… well, unless you’re on vacation or something.  I did my Power Pyramid Treadmill Workout again, and I liked it just as much as last time.


Don’t mind the semi-creepy lighting…

Lunch was simple, yet it was also simply delicious!  Romain with pear vinaigrette, strawberries, cauliflower and some of the chicken I baked on Sunday.  You’ll be seeing a repeat on WIAW for sure!


Speaking of repeats, Kevin and I loved this Cuban Picadillo recipe the last time I made it, so I whipped it up again last night.  My body was craving some iron, and beef was just the ticket.  Couple that iron with the vitamin C from the tomato sauce, and talk about a winner!  The olives and raisins, on the other hand, those just taste good.


Have I mentioned that the hubby and I are both olive freaks?  We both swiped a couple extra before throwing the others into the pot.  Yum!

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15 Responses to Date Night… on Monday?

  1. A date night on Monday sounds like a perfect way to start the week. Olives, on the other hand…. eek! One of the few foods that I just can’t stomach. Raisins I could eat forever, though :)

  2. BIG BIG fan of date nights – especially in the middle/beginning of the week!

    Can’t wait to see the recipe for your salad! Salads have been becoming huge in this house – even with our little girls!

  3. I used to be totally creeped out by olives. But ever since I started eating healthier, my taste buds have changed and I now really enjoy them. I especially love them on pizza :).

  4. I love olives too! I’m going to have to make that cuban picadillo recipe sometime. Looks amazingly good.

    And I love date nights. We do our weeknight date on Tuesdays, so I’m looking forward to tonight :)

  5. Yea for a spur of the moment date night to kick off the week! We had a last minute dinner out last night & it was excellent. Yum for olives!

  6. I almost popped a jar of blue-cheese olives into my cart yesterday. But I decided to stick to my list/budget instead. ;-)

  7. I need to start doing that, baking like a big amount of chicken or turkey on the weekend so I can have it all week. Makes it so much easier

  8. Cannot handle green or kalamata olives. Black on the other hand is entirely acceptable!

    And can’t go wrong with any date night…seems like a good way to start a week :-)

  9. Bob and I have recently become olive freaks, too! It’s strange, because a couple of years ago, neither one of us really ate them. Then we got some on a tasting plate at a wine tasting a while back, and they hit the spot. Since then, I’ve bought some to keep at home, and we’ll break them out with some cheese, crudités, and a glass of wine for a “fancy” date night in. Which can be ANY night of the week. :)

  10. I HATE olives! never going out to eat with you guys ;)

  11. I am right there with you – I ADORE OLIVES!!!!! :D When I was in Turkey, every tree was an OLIVE tree – but you definitely DONT want to eat those…….. They’ll turn you RIGHT OFF olives!

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