WIAW, without ice cream

It’s crazy over here. I haven’t had ice cream since last week. Whaaaaa? Of course, there was that pie from the weekend, still… crazy. Here are my eats from Tuesday for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). Be sure to check out the other blogger eats and treats at Peas & Crayons.

Breakfast: pre-workout = rice cake, post-workout = cereal, almond milk, orange paired with coffee and a dollop of whipped cream

cereal coffee

Snack & Lunch: mid-morning = raw almonds, noonish = veggie burger, wheat pita, broccoli topped with .75 oz lite cheese

almonds lunch

Snack & Snack: (What? I like snacks.) a chocolate craving lead to a chia bar (meh) and a Kind bar (not bad) a bit later

chia wiaw

Dinner & Dessert: po’ girl take-in (2 eggs, quinoa, frozen mixed veggies, lower-sodium soy sauce), a pear for dessert

dinner dessert

So much yum! I wanted to make my own veggie burgers this week, but when the Morningstar Farms ones were on sale and I had a coupon, I took the easy road. Their black bean burgers may be overly processed, but they are delicious!

  • Ever get chocolate cravings? If so, what do you grab?
  • Frozen veggie burgers, yay or nay?

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24 Responses to WIAW, without ice cream

  1. Yum all looks really good!!
    I’ve had a couple of frozen veggie burgers before and they were pretty good the ones that I tried! Satisfied me and were relatively healthy :).
    Chocolate cravings – I usually just go for a small portion of whatever I fancy whether it be milk/dark chocolate

  2. Looks like a good day of eats! I’m impressed with the pear for dessert!
    I have a bad habit of needing something sweet after dinner. Fruit usually doesn’t cut it, but I’m working on finding something that does work that isn’t laced with sugar and calories.

  3. Whenever I get a chocolate craving I have a few pieces of one of the dark chocolate bars or Hershey’s kisses that I keep stashed in my desk drawer!

    I’ve never found a frozen veggie burger I like that much (I haven’t tried the Morningstar ones though). Homemade ones are more work, but I love how they are usually so much heartier!

  4. Nikki says:

    No ice cream?! How dare you?! Hehe just kidding. I have been craving chocolate like whoa and have been reaching for the bag of dark chocolate chips!

  5. No ice cream in a week? You’re making me worry. Kidding ;). I hardly ever go without my ounce of dark chocolate every day so that’s what I grab when the cravings turn up :). Maybe I should switch it up for some ice cream.though …
    Broccoli wins me over any time – topped with cheese? Great idea. Your dinner looks so good, too. Don’t feel bad about taking the easy route on the veggie burgers every once in a while.

  6. To “curb” my chocolate cravings, I eat it every day. 😉 Seriously, though. I do have one piece of dark chocolate every day with my coffee. This way, I don’t deprive myself and later find myself diving into a pan of brownies! It works for me!

  7. I am pretty much always craving chocolate, so Julie and I always have a chocolate bar on hand! It’s usually just pure dark chocolate, and we pretty much have one square each per day- just enough to fend off the craving! We can’t live without chocolate haha.

  8. I always have chocolate cravings but thank goodness we don’t have anything like that in the house or else I would eat it all!

  9. Do I ever get chocolate cravings? Uhm… is that a serious question? 😛 Every day! Sometimes I’ll grab a bar, sometimes a handful of choco chips, sometimes some chocolate pudding… it all depends on what catches my eye first I guess.

  10. I keep dark chocolate around to satisfy those chocolate cravings when they hit. My favorite is the chocolove dark chocolate with orange peel. sooo good:)

  11. Kelli H says:

    I never eat frozen bean burgers, but it’s more of a cost thing. Plus, I don’t usually rely on prepared foods, but I have heard good things about those patties.

    If I get a chocolate craving, I’m usually screwed, because I never keep it in the house. If I happen to have chocolate chips, I’ll eat a handful of those, otherwise I usually resort to a smoothie.

  12. So sad when you get a bar & it’s just “so-so”…like not really worth eating! I always keep dark chocolate around, a little bit does a lot to squash a craving! Love the whipped cream on coffee idea 🙂

  13. I LOVE snacking, so no judgment here!! 😉

    Yay on the veggie burgers, though I try to make them myself instead of using the frozen ones. Now and then, though, I am feeling lazy so I go with the easy and fast option!

  14. Nichole says:

    Do I ever get chocolate cravings? Was that a rhetorical question;) All my teeth are sweet!

  15. Kacy says:

    I gave up ice cream for lent, and since then haven’t eaten it much but then I had delicious full fat ice cream both Sunday and yesterday and I think I’m back into full ice cream mode. I just love it so much.

  16. Melissa says:

    Mmmm pears, one of my favorite fruits. I am on and off with ice cream – I’ll always love it, but sometimes I just don’t think about eating it! I’m sure that will change as the weather warms up though 🙂

  17. Ever have chocolate cravings? When do I not?!? I always have a bar of dark chocolate in my desk. When the craving hits, I grab a square. It’s usually how I finish off lunch on a daily basis. 🙂

  18. What? is right. I totally loved seeing your ice cream during WIAWs. Hope it’s back next week! 🙂

    Love your dinner/dessert. A pear sounds great right now.

  19. Lately I am loving dark chocolate covered ginger! So freaking good.

  20. Love the “po’ girl” take in meal 🙂

  21. Ever get a chocolate craving? Only every day! Okay maybe not every day but most days I will have a few frozen chocolate chips or a small section of a dark chocolate and sea salt bar.

  22. Ttrockwood says:

    Trader joes makes an awesome “masala veggie burger” with indian spices that is also really reasonable price.
    For chocolate cravings i either go for dk choco almonds or really good expensive dk choco- i find if it costs a lot i wont eat it as quickly! Haha

  23. I’m glad I haven’t succumbed to buying one of those Chia Bars, even though they have been at every checkout of every natural food store–including Whole Foods–I’ve been in recently, since although they look great, I haven’t read any uber-positive reviews.

    I like to make my own veggie burgers, but there are some really tasty frozen ones. There is a local company here in town who make THE BEST I’ve ever had, and I would gladly eat one of theirs over make my own any day.

  24. It doesn’t happen often that I get a chocolate craving, but when it does come, I almost always have to have something with chocolate AND peanut butter. Or lately, for some reason, I’ve been craving hot chocolate a lot! I mix unsweetened cocoa powder with almond milk and a bit of stevia and then whirl it around with my milk frother! So yum!

    I’m a total sucker for frozen veggie burgers! Not sure why, but I feel it is my duty as a foodie to try any/all flavors I come across! I LOVE the Morning Star pizza burgers! Have you tried those? And Light Life’s Portobello one I swear tastes like it’s made of meat! But TJ’s Masala burger is my most favorite (topped with a runny egg and it’s absolute heaven)! Hey, I told you…it’s my duty! 😉

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