Restaurant Peeves

How was your weekend?  Mine was delightful, though short as always.  Kevin and I went out to eat both Friday and Sunday, which is unusual for us.

I only planned to do happy hour on Friday, but since Kevin got home earlier than expected from work, my buddy and I let our hubbies join us for dinner.  Of course, we still gave ourselves an hour of girl talk before the boys were “allowed” to come eat.


Patio happy hours beg for sundresses. (in honor of Lilly)

Earlier in the week, other friends said they weren’t able to join us for dinner, but their schedule opened up, so we just haaaaad to meet them out for pizza.  (Twist my arm.)


extra awesome raspberry vanilla protein oats

I didn’t eat out on Sunday (at least I got some healthy food, like the oats above and eggs below), but I did start thinking about Mother’sDay brunch reservations.


brunch = eggs, cheddar, kale, onion, & mushrooms

Hmmm… all this restaurant talk made me think of my restaurant peeves, especially the first one with regards to Mother’s Day brunch.

  1. Prix Fixe Menus!  This is my ultimate peeve.  Just let me order off your normal menu.  It’s more likely to have what I really want, and I promise I don’t need a salad, appetizer, main, and dessert.  Trust me!
  2. Inconsistency. The pizza place we visited Saturday was good… when I tried it last year.  This time I was pretty disappointed.
  3. Rushing me.  Some restaurants are meant to be quick, like Panera or Chipotle, but if I’m enjoying a sit-down meal, I like to take my time.  The food should be worth the wait!
  4. Take-out.  Okay, this doesn’t have anything to do with the restaurant itself, I just don’t really like take-out…. unless I’m sick… or PMSing…. and it’s Chinese food.  Your bill includes ambiance; enjoy it!
  5. “Are you still workin’ on it?”  Hate it when servers ask this.  Yes, this little piggy is still working on her dinner.  Leave me to it!  This is probably my second biggest peeve.

I normally keep it positive on the blog, but I had to share.  I’ve gotta’ know if anyone else feels the same way.

  • What are your restaurant pet peeves?

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14 Responses to Restaurant Peeves

  1. I don’t eat out enough to have many restaurant pet peeves, but most of it comes down to the waiters for me. I don’t like those that hang around too much, but I don’t like those that are impossible to find either. And if they’re in a bad mood or snooty? Pft. Screw that. We once had one that basically tossed our food at us and spent the whole time talking to another waiter. No good.

  2. Lol I completely agree with your list! Especially about prix fixe menus, there should always be the option to order off the regular menu in my opinion.

  3. i don’t like being rushed either. when i go to dimsum it’s so crowded in the restaurant and the patrons feel no way that they stand beside your table, hovering over you as you eat. and i’m asian so i should be used to this but i’m not!

  4. Kelli H says:

    That is totally one of my pet peeves too! “Are you still working on that?” Ugh…Couldn’t they word it a little nicer, like “still enjoying that?” I don’t know, but that’s always bothered me too!

  5. Having just returned from a work trip, I ate in restaurants all last week & overall had great experiences. I will say that a few things I dislike are; not stopping by right when we’re seated to at least say hello, I don’t care how busy you are, this can ease the wait. Overall general manners when talking to a table is much appreciated as well. I waited tables for over 10 years & it’s NOT that difficult of a job!

  6. Nikki says:

    I hate when you ask for a refill for a drink and they never bring one. I seriously think that I sometimes ask a million times!

  7. lol this post kind of cracked me up! i hate when servers ask if i’m still working on it. yes i usually clean my plate thank you very much!! haha a pet peeve of mine at restaurants is definitely BAD SERVICE!!! smile, be happy, and be attentive – itz your job!!

  8. Nichole says:

    Patio weather! It was so lovely.

    Amen to your peeves! Nothing is worse than when they practically hover over you until they think you’re done to only snatch up your plate.

  9. I actually LOVE a good prix fixe – it’s a great way for the chef to look at how he wants the food paired together. Even better when they pair it with wine, beer, or cocktails. 🙂

  10. I HATE being rushed at a restaurant!

  11. Definitely the rushing thing. So annoying! I also can’t stand when servers act annoyed with all my substitutions or requests. Yes, I know I’m annoying by asking to put dressing on the side or not to use butter however, it is their job right!?!

  12. My biggest pet peeve is having to ask for water. Shouldn’t that just be part of the deal? Yes, I’d like a glass of water. Always. 🙂

  13. Oh yeah, right there with ya on the fixed menus! Luckily the last few places I’ve been to with fixed menus still allowed us to order from the regular menu…because both times, NOTHING on the fixed one even sounded good to me!

    My biggest pet peeve is when the waiter/waitress checks on you like every 5 minutes! I mean, seriously…you’ll get a good tip as long as my food is served promptly and my water glass remains full…other than that, PLEASE allow me to eat in peace!

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