Friday Happy Dance

I’m doing the Friday Happy Dance, but only in my head.  My legs are a bit sore for too much jitterbuggin.  My booty already started to feel the burn from the morning’s workout as early as yesterday evening.  Hopefully today’s not too rough!

I know I missed a post Thursday, but it wasn’t exactly 12 of my finest hours.  Sure, I had a good workout.  I also had awesome oats.  But then this happened.


I know there’s no use crying over spilled coffee grounds, but the day just tanked from there.  This is yet one more reason I’m { mentally } doing the Friday Happy Dance today.

I’m focusing on the happy little things, even those that happened yesterday or aren’t happening until this weekend.  For instance, yesterday’s workout was pretty great.  I was reppin’ for my Clemson Tigers, and I had a leg press PR!

clemson   deadlift

The food has also been pretty great.  My oats have been fan-friggin-tastic every day this week, and I’ve been enjoying a bit (okay, okay… probably way too much) of this ice cream.  Seriously, if there is a Harris Teeter grocery store near you, Go Buy This!!!

oats   ice cream

I’ve got a little retail therapy planned for this afternoon and plans with friends for the weekend, so there’s only one more thing to add… is it 5:00 yet???

  • What’s making you do the happy dance?

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14 Responses to Friday Happy Dance

  1. I hate spilled coffee grounds. That usually happens when I’m DIEING for my morning coffee (ie: the worst time).
    I thought at first you were adding your ice cream to your oats. I was thinking, “hmmm, that’s not a bad idea”. haha, but no. Enjoy your Friday! HAPPY DANCE!

  2. Can’t beat retail therapy and a weekend with friends. It’s my mom’s birthday today and we’ll be celebrating this weekend so I’m really looking forward to that – especially because I’m feeling pretty confident that she’s going to love what I got for her!

  3. I totally agree with you this week has been the longest! So glad it’s Friday!

  4. Kelli H says:

    I’m excited to meet up with my blogger friend, Maren, from Maren’s Morsel’s tonight at a brew pub! Then Saturday I have dress shopping in SF w/ my mom, hoping to find her a mother of the bride dress.

  5. That it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

  6. Kacy says:

    I’m going on a boat tonight! And we have fun plans on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully they hold up.
    Congrats on the PR and sorry about the coffee grounds. I spilled a BUNCH of oxiclean powder earlier this week. Such a mess.
    Happy Friday!

  7. I’ve been on an ice cream kick too, lately! I had fro-yo twice this week 😉 hehe

  8. Getting to go home to see my new dog–that’s what I’m dancing about! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  9. I definitely did my happy dance at 5:00 on the dot 🙂

  10. Spilled coffee grounds is the WORST way to start a morning! It’s always those mornings when you need it the most. 🙂

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