Comfort Weekend

How was your weekend?  Did you see family, eat candy, die eggs?  I didn’t really do too much, but that’s just what I needed.  It was a true comfort weekend, mainly in terms of rest, food, and kitty snuggles.

Thursday ended with bbq dinner with this girl.  Yes, pulled bbq pork is definitely comfort food for me!  I guess it’s a good thing I’ve had a green smoothie most every day this week!

bbq    smoothie

Speaking of Friday, the boss let me leave early.  What did I do with my time?  A two-hour nap, of course!  I really really really needed some rest this weekend, and that’s just what I got!

Rather than make our usual trek to see family, Kevin and I enjoyed our first holiday to ourselves.  Though it isn’t something I’d like to do all the time, it was pretty great.  There was no schedule, and I cooked exactly what I wanted.  (His & Hers salads for lunch and whole wheat banana bread with chocolate chips)

salads    bread

Saturday dinner was simple but good.  It was only made better with extra kitty snuggles.

easter    cat

This recipe I made for Sunday brunch is pretty much my favorite meal these days.  I made it on Christmas, and I couldn’t wait to make it again with the leftover ham.  Speaking of leftover ham, I made another one of my fav comfort dishes that night.  Winning!

easter brunch    alfredo

Call me crazy, but with all this comforting R&R, I actually feel ready for today.  Have a great week!

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16 Responses to Comfort Weekend

  1. I’m pretty sure that I’d feel ready to tackle the week after so much delicious food too. does it ever look delicious. I spent the weekend with my family, going to church, and eating lots of traditional Easter foods (read: chocolate) so I feel pretty ready to tackle the week as well. Plus it’s April! We’re that much closer to summer!

  2. Those sweet potato fries and bread… OMG yum!! Looks like an amazing weekend 😀

  3. I definitely missed an egg dish this Easter. We had hardboiled dyed eggs, but no quiche or anything because we ate later. Boo to that! Oh well, I think the leftover ham is calling my name ham and eggs, that’s healthy…. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  4. I feel ya on the ‘ready to tackle the week’… kind of. I give it an hour. I had a lovely, relaxing weekend too- I spent the majority of it sitting in a lawnchair with a book. 🙂
    Aren’t solo holidays a nice change?! Last year, Court and I stayed home and cooked our own Christmas dinner – it was SO relaxing. 🙂

    • Tiff says:

      I don’t want to start any solo traditions or anything, but it was soooooo lovely. Every once in a while, I may just have to lay down the law on holidays. haha

  5. Those sweet potato fries look amazing!! Seriously, they get me every time!

  6. Kacy says:

    I love weekends like that. I was hoping for one this weekend as well, but it ended up being busier than planned.
    All the food looks GREAT!

  7. Mmmm BBQ is the ultimate comfort food for me! Yum. We actually served pulled pork, mac n’ cheese and some other southern favorites for Easter dinner. It was perfect.

  8. Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday weekend! 🙂 Isn’t it nice having a holiday to yourselves instead of driving/flying back and forth? We loved it when we did it last yr.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  9. A two hour nap sounds like heaven! I got in a short 30 minutes or so on Saturday, it was just what I needed. Brunch looks delish!

  10. Oh man that looks like a delicious weekend!

  11. I love holidays that are low key and relaxing! Sounds like yours was perfect! 🙂

  12. I would have killed for a relaxing weekend like that after a super busy week. However, our busy Easter weekend was a lot of fun. Just busy and way too sugar overloaded!

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