New Suit

I got a brand new suit!  This isn’t a fashion post, and I have no upcoming interviews.  I do, however, have a date.  A date with the pool.


Isn’t it cute sexy practical?  I’ve never owned a swimsuit before that was actually made for ::gasp:: swimming.  I don’t even think I’ve owned a one-piece since 6th grade.  If anyone’s interested, I got it at

I got to take it for a test dive yesterday.  Not bad!  It didn’t make me any better at swimming, but I still had a nice lil’ workout anyhow.  5 min swim, 5 min walk, 5 min swim, 5 min walk, 5 min swim.  Done.

Oh, I also did this shoulder/triceps workout before swimming:


On a side note, this also happened yesterday.  Womp Womp.


It’s not as sad as it seems.  I got this box from GNC, and each bar was rock hard.  I don’t know if it was just a bad shipment or what, but I am happy to have an excuse to buy more.

The box I got directly from Quest was great, as was the one I ordered from  In case others have run into this problem, removing the wrapper and throwing them in the microwave for a wee bit helps soften them up a bit.  Sadly, I don’t like them as much warm.

  • Do you swim regularly?  Do you find it as boring as I do?
  • Ever had a bad box/bag/batch of a product you like?

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18 Responses to New Suit

  1. When I was still in college, I’d go swim with my friend over the summer. Granted, it wasn’t anything spectacular, but as long as we could feel it the next day, we figured we were ok. 😉 My gym doesn’t have a pool now. Sad… but I’d have a hard time squeezing it in during my morning workouts, anyway…

    • Tiff says:

      Yup, there’s a whole other element with swimming. You’ve gotta change, rinse off, then get in the pool, dry off, blah blah blah. Hopping in the dreadmill is much quicker.

  2. Funny you posted this because I just started thinking about getting a one piece. Unlike you, I’ve only ever owned a one piece when I was a kid and used to dive, since then I’ve always bought 2-pieces. I think I’m going back to the one piece this year (they make cute ones now!!). Yep, this pale body doesn’t need a two piece anymore.

  3. Nice suit! I’m a bikini fanatic. Once I started swimming again, I know love getting new one-piece swimsuits, too!

  4. You sure can’t beat having a good excuse to buy new bars. I love having an excuse to try out a new flavor..or two! 😉

  5. I have been rehab swimming for weeks now and I play music by the pool so I don’t get bored. It helps.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a one-piece either… must have been in grade school. That being said, I’m definitely not a regular swimmer. I love swimming in the ocean, but pools just aren’t my jam. The chloriney smell turns me right off and does quite a number on my hair.

  7. I love quest bars, and I love some of them warm, mainly the apple one because its like a healthy warm apple pie 🙂

  8. Nikki says:

    Ive been a swimmer for years, and I definitely had to take a break after college to mix it up. Now that i don’t swim daily it’s not AS boring!

  9. I swam a lot for a few summers when I taught swimming lessons for a summer job in college, but I haven’t been swimming much since then. It sure is a good workout!
    I’ve heard nothing but good things about those Quest bars! I need to try them out!

  10. I love swimming! And by swimming, I mean cannonballing into the pool and pretending I’m a mermaid. Hahaha. I used to swim laps a few yrs ago, but I need to relearn how to breathe properly. I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest everytime I’d try to do laps & would end up sitting in the hot tub instead. 😀

    • Tiff says:

      Yes! The fun kind of swimming! 🙂 I miss those days where you swam around for like 9 hours without even thinking about “working out” or “burning calories.” Cannonballllll

  11. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I had a one piece swimsuit! I like swimming…it’s a fun way to mix things up when I don’t feel like doing other cardio…and to be a bit more practical, I’ve actually taken to wearing some plain black bikini bottoms with a black sports bra. I figured it was time to do something after my top came untied TWICE while I was in the pool! Do you know how awkward it is to ask a complete stranger to tie your suit back up? Yeah, it’s awkward! Lol

    I’ve gotten a bad batch of Quest bars from GNC too…but fortunately for me I prefer them warm…especially the new cookie dough one! Have you tried that one yet? It’s amazing!

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