Ironing Out This WIAW

It’s that time again, time for another What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW).  Head over to Peas & Crayons to check out other blogger meal ideas and recipes.

I’m really ironing it out this week.  Given my dizzy spell and exhaustion, I figured a little extra iron might do my body good.  Heck, it couldn’t hurt, right?

1st Breakfast – rice cake & peanut butter

2nd Breakfast – Red River Cereal, oats, blueberries, and a dash of cinnamon (The Red River Original All Natural Hot Cereal is something my dad recommended.  Here’s the ingredients list: cracked wheat, cracked rye, and flax seeds.  Winner!)

overflow    breakfast

Be sure to keep an eye on your microwave with this stuff!

Snack: Think Thin Crunch, apple cranberry flavor (ohmygoshgobuythisnow… yeah, it’s that good)


Lunch: iron bowl (trimmed, skinless chicken thigh, spinach, kidney beans, and white mushrooms – I added about 2 TBS salt-free tomato sauce as an after thought so that the little bit of vitamin C from the tomatoes would help my body absorb the iron, though spinach does have some C of its own.  Also, chicken thighs have more iron and zinc than breasts, but there is also more fat to look out for.)


Snack: apple & Oikos Greek yogurt (this vanilla one is good, but it doesn’t compare to their awesome caramel flavor)


Dinner: sweet potato, part of a baked chicken breast, broccoli, and parmmmmmm… good


Dessert:  I know, I know… it’s a lotta food, but what the belly wants, the belly gets.  Insert 1/2 c ice cream and some ginger thins here!



  • What’s your favorite Greek yogurt flavor?  I’m normally into plain, but I tell ya, that caramel is awesome.
  • Do you ever focus on certain nutrients at a time?

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23 Responses to Ironing Out This WIAW

  1. speaking of greek yogurt… I bought the plain frozen variety at TJ’s this last weekend. I was seriously disappointed! 🙁

  2. a lot of food? not in my world…

  3. I love those mixed grain cereals. I hope the iron does the trick. I’ve never seen that brand of ice cream, looks delish!

    • Tiff says:

      It’s my local health store’s ice cream. Sadly, it leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m still going to polish it off. 😉

  4. My iron levels have a tendency to be low (I’m a blood donor) so I make sure to eat iron rich foods with some vitamin c (usually a squeeze of lemon on my salad, or I mix camu camu berry in my water) Oh, and magnesium to maximize calcium absorption/utilization.
    I LOVE Chobani’s passioinfruit yogurt, but we don’t have it in Canada so I make sure to stock up when I’m in Montana. I eat plain Olympic full fat yogurt or plain goat yogurt. 😀

  5. Sweet potatoes and chicken are an awesome pairing. And I don’t think your day had a lot of food at all! Everything looks great. I’d kill for some ice cream right now, except I have to admit that I wouldn’t prefer mint chocolate chip. Everyone seems to like that stuff except for me. I’m partial to plain vanilla or cookie dough 🙂

  6. Nichole says:

    Seriously, 2nd breakfast. You are so much WIAW bestie:)

    I like Greek yogurt with a little vanilla. Plain to some, but my fave.

  7. Kelli H says:

    I love Chobani’s pear flavor.
    mmmm….ice cream!!

  8. Kaitlin says:

    I tend to go in waves with yogurt. I was a fan of the pumpkin flavor for awhile during the fall!

  9. Great eats! I’m a big fan of plain greek yogurt, and then I’ll sweeten or flavor it as I want. I guess I’m a control freak that way. 🙂

  10. lindsay says:

    we definitely have to focus on nutrients sometimes. I know when i need to pump up that iron and vitaminc!

  11. I am all for plain Greek yogurt! I would eat a bowl of it for every meal if it didn’t mean I’d miss out on other nutrients! 😉

  12. Bunny C. says:

    That broc with parm looks awesome; such a good idea 🙂 In terms of greek yogurt flavors, I’m with you- plain is my usual. If I’m looking for a little something, I’ll just add some jams that I have a home… I’m still looking for my favorite brand though!

  13. That “iron bowl” sounds like a pretty tasty combo! I don’t really pay much attention to certain nutrients, but I know I should…especially calcium and vitamin d…hmm, maybe I need to go buy some mint chocolate chip ice cream! 😉

    I don’t usually like flavored yogurts, but you’re not kidding, that caramel one is amazing!

  14. Way to honor the belly! 🙂

  15. I love that you brought up the color factore with your iron salad bowl. Colorful meals are more satisfying!

    WIth yogurt, I like to guy the plain and add my own mix-ins – cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, fruit, peanut flour, prowtin powder… even carrots!

  16. Bella says:

    Hey Tiff,

    You sure are ironing out this week. What is the reason if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve never focused on nutrients like that, and wouldn’t even know where to start, or why?

    I have so much learning to do, here I thought I always ate healthy enough, but clearly was so far from that in so many ways, but thankfully I’m willing to learn!!!

    So glad I stopped by! Have a great day girl 🙂
    P.s. After coming back from an extended blogging break, I’ve started a 40 day challenge to get HEALTHY by my birthday. If you get a chance to check it out, I could sure use the support!
    Hugs, Bella 🙂
    Bella’s 40 Day Challenge

    • Tiff says:

      Just a little dizzy spell or two and a lot of lethargy… nothing crazy. 🙂 I’m still taking my multi, so I’m probably all set.

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