Fitness Friday: Speedy Sweaty

Happy Friday!  This post is a little later than normal since I took today off from work.  It feels good to be relaxing in my pajamas.  It felt good to relax in my pajamas last night too.  I enjoyed a some kitty time and a some wine (I tried the Veranda 2008 cab and absolutely loved it).

kitty     wine

I plan to attend spin class later, and I’m excited to bring my new Polar HR monitor.  Seeing my HR while exercising has been really interesting.  I generally don’t track calories burned, but it’s still a nice reality check to see it after a really hard (or a much too easy) workout.

workout     workout

I brought it to the gym yesterday for a 3-mile treadmill run and a quick, full-body workout.

speedy sweaty

This workout was quick but not easy.  Do 10 power cleans, 8-10 bosu burpees, and 12-15 kb swings.  Complete each move back to back, then rest a minute, and then do it again.  Perform 3 sets of the circuit.

Happy Friday – be sure to get out and do something fun!

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13 Responses to Fitness Friday: Speedy Sweaty

  1. Five more weeks and I can have some wine 🙂 haha

  2. I’ve been on a work from home schedule all week so it seems like all of my posts have been verryy late or lack there of. Enjoy your spin class!!!

  3. I love your video!!! I need to get over my fears and make one too.. I like the idea of easing into it by showing moves rather than talking. Talking on camera terrifies me for some reason!

  4. I’ve been so tempted to get a HRM, but I’m kind of scared of getting obsessed with numbers. Looks like a pretty good circuit workout – love the video!

  5. I like the sound of that quick circuit workout! Anything involving burpees is bound to be challenging!

  6. Nichole says:

    The polar gear, suhweet!!

    And look at your arms, dang! Looking good!

    Circuit workouts are the best burn, great share!

  7. MegG says:

    Nice workout! I love using the BOSU ball, there’s so many different movements that you can do with it!

  8. Kierston says:

    Looking awesome! Love your workout outfit 🙂

    Clean and jerks rock!

  9. I love my polar HR monitor! Can’t workout without it.

  10. Heather says:

    aw kitty time I love it! Love the HR monitor!

  11. I’m definitely doing a SPEEDY workout this morning! Probably just abs and legs, 20-minutes TOPS!
    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  12. I lost my attachment to the heart rate band to my polar and it’s driving me nuts!

  13. Nice workout! I like the quick and dirty ones.

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