WIAT: Starting to get my act together…

I shared yesterday’s holiday eats for my weekly “What I Ate Wednesday” post, but here’s a little of what I ate later that day.  WIAT?

It’s fairly healthy but perfect.  Sure, I squeezed in my fruits and veggies, but there are were still some leftover treats that neeeeeded eating.  I think if I cut out sugar completely I’d start going through withdrawals or something.  Better not chance it…

Breakfast: pre-gym whole wheat bread and post-gym grapefruit and microwaved egg

bread    breakfast

Lunch: I’ll dig into salad later this week, but yesterday’s cold rain had me craving soup. (minestrone)

soup    minestrone

Snack + Dinner: Quest Nutrition Protein Bar (love these) and spicy bean masala (again, great for the gloomy day)

quest    masala

Dessert: the last Nutella cheesecake square.  It would have been a shame to let it go to waste.  (no photo; trust it was tasty)

It felt good getting some veggies in my belly and hitting the gym again yesterday.  I still ran and did a little boot camp while my family was in town, but I think the weights missed me.  I’ve got another run scheduled for this morning, so let’s hope it’s a good one!

  • How long do you leave up Christmas decor? *I took mine down Christmas day, so no more festive place mats.
  • Do you still have lingering holiday treats?

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10 Responses to WIAT: Starting to get my act together…

  1. Your eats look awesome!

    The best part about going to my mom’s for Christmas is that the treats stay there when I leave. Thank. God.

  2. Krysten @darwinianfail says:

    Looks great! Yummy, nutritious, and balanced 🙂

  3. haha ok this is exactly how i feel. i want to eat healthy (i feel a bit like sh*t from too much sugar and alcohol i’m not used to), but there are so many cookies. so eat really healthy and then have 1 (maybe 2), but not 10! cookies like i did the last couple of days.

  4. I’m not chancing what might happen if I give up sugar either… definitely playing the safe route and keeping a constant supply in my bloodstream 😉 I still have a pretty epic supply of treats lying around, so I might have to start inviting people over to help me polish them off. Busy later today? 😉

  5. i celebrate chanukah so no christmas decorations here 🙂 haha actually i don’t decorate for any hoilday… i have a couple festive kitchen towels… that we use all year long lol

  6. We are going to leave ours up until Sunday 🙂

    also I think we have the same color nail polish 🙂

  7. lisa fine says:

    My leftover treats were only made yesterday! I was craving blondies, and made a batch with white and chocolate chips. I think I may go eat a piece now…

    Love that photo with your car. So cute.

  8. Abby says:

    There’s still a bit of apple pie left, but I want to eat it quickly (or give it away) so that I can get back to eating healthy! It’s so much harder to eat healthy with a lot of junk in the house!

  9. I’m so loving grapefruit right now. I think I’ve had 2 today already. 😉

    I usually take my Christmas decorations down the day after but this year I’m keeping them up till the weekend. The kiddos like the tree so they win!

  10. I didn’t put up any Christmas decor to take down 😉

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