WIAW: Holiday Treats

A ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ post seems like a great way to recap some of my holiday fun.  I wasn’t good about taking pictures of the family this year, but at least I got a few of the food, right?  #foodbloggerproblems

I didn’t get a photo of each meal (especially lunch), but here are some of the highlights…

As you can see, my looooong weekend included lots of sweets, a bit of wine, and even some exercise sprinkled into the mix.  I had a great time with the folks, but as usual, I’m happy to get back to my normal routine.  Except the work part….

  • Did you have a big holiday meal?  If so, what was it?


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12 Responses to WIAW: Holiday Treats

  1. I Love mac n’ cheese! The kitty is adorable!

  2. I had some cheesecake and cookies too. SO good!! 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!! I attended several parties, at tons of great food, and lounged around with my moms pups all weekend! 🙂

  4. I totally slacked on taking pics of the family this year too, so I can definitely relate to your #foodbloggerproblems. It looks like you had an awesome Christmas though… We didn’t have a huge meal since it was only me and my parents, but there didn’t seem to be a shortage of good food and cookies 😀

  5. Yuuummm! Looks like a great Christmas 😀

  6. Carli says:

    Sounds like the perfect mix! We aren’t having Christmas dinner until Sunday so my Christmas was just a regular day. No work for me though…I took the week off.

  7. Great collage! Love the picture of the kitty. That’s how my cat Scout has been whenever I cook up soup in our crockpot. She just jumps right on the counter and peers in. Just checking everything out.

    Glad you had a great day with your family!

  8. Looks like you had a great holiday. I did a lot of indulging in some fantastic homemade foods and drinking great wine–balanced out with taking my parent’s dog out for a long walk and running the neighborhood. I’m like you, though, and ready to get back to the routine, and a bit of normalcy. 🙂

  9. Haha I didn’t really have a holiday meal… instead I snacked the entire day haha. We just kind of grazed on everything!

  10. Kailey says:

    I always say cookies are a right of passage during the holiday season 🙂
    Looks like you had a great holiday!

  11. i couldnt find myself taking pics while couch ridden….great job. So..I have a challenge for u… Create a couch ridden weight plan for me…..i want a great work out while couch ridden.. PLEASE>>>> 🙂

    xoxo from Texas

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