WIAW: Feelin’ Silly

Most importantly, I need to start off by saying, Good Luck Kevie!  He’s taking his last final of the semester today, and I know he’s going to show that test who’s boss.  Next, I also need to thank Jenn for hosting another lovely What I Ate Wednesday linkup.

This sums up how I felt yesterday at work.  My department met at the office, as opposed to working from home, to play games.  Yes.  Games.  It was fun, but I have to admit, I felt a bit silly standing in front of my boss singing Rudolf the Red-Nose Reindeer.  Though I think I got off easily compared to some of my colleagues…


Monty Python fans out there?

Breakfast: rice cake

Second Breakfast: raspberry banana soft serve with vanilla protein powder


Snack: a couple Christmas cookies during the conference room shenanigans

Lunch: Greek salad

lunchSnack: hummus n’ carrots


Dinner; roast broccoli and butternut squash (probably should have had some protein, but it was gooooood)


Dessert: a chocolate Vitatop, which I told myself I’d quit buying… whoops.

  • Does your company or department do anything fun or generous around the holidays?
  • Do you keep buying something you know you probably shouldn’t?

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25 Responses to WIAW: Feelin’ Silly

  1. The raspberry soft serve looks yummy! I’m going to a Christmas party tonight and I’m ordering the Greek salad!! Yum!!

  2. Miz says:

    I swear this is the ONE time of year I wish I werent self employed 🙂

  3. Hummus is pretty much the best thing, ever. I used to be obsessed with the carrot + hummus combo!

  4. I buy too many teas!! Before I get through one kind I think “oh well that sounds good!” 😉 Your dinner looks like something I’d have if I were just cooking for myself. Some days I just want a plate of steamed/roasted veggies.

  5. Hope he does well on his last final! My two exams are tomorrow. *Fingers crossed for A’s*

    Monty Python fan over here! I’ve seen that movie so many times. Hilarious!

    I love banana soft serve, especially when it’s pink 🙂 Cranberries, raspberries, strawberries- They’re all good! I wish I had some butternut squash left, but I finished both of mine over the weekend and now all that I have left is half an acorn squash. Trade ya! 😉

  6. We are having a holiday potluck and white elephant exchange. It’s at a co-worker’s house… honestly, I’d rather have that time to myself. Such a scrooge, I know… LOL!

  7. We have our holiday potluck and white elephant party next week at work 🙂

  8. Hey! I found a recipe for Vitatops! It’s printed out and on my counter, ready to be made sometime this week/weekend. Lot less expensive, so I just thought I’d share: http://www.snack-girl.com/snack/make-your-own-vitatop/


  9. I still buy the fat-free whipped cream from ReddiWip . . . which I totally know is not a very “clean” food . . . but it’s just too good on top of strawberries. 🙂

  10. Oh man, I am so glad I don’t have to play games at work… that’s just not my cup of tea. We usually have a Holiday Lunch on Christmas Eve if we’re working.

  11. Yeah, PB. I’m on a kick lately and seem to keep dropping hershey kisses in the jar and have to fish them out. Such a dilemma 😉

  12. Lot-O-Choc says:

    Love roasted butternut squash! So satisfying and winter warming.

  13. Um, yes… dark chocolate chips. I eat them by the handful when they’re in the house, otherwise I forget about them, but I keep buying them!

  14. Abby says:

    I buy too many workout clothes (working in running retail has it’s perks). Wait…a gal can never have “too many” workout clothes! Love roasted broccoli. So easy and healthy.

  15. We have a real Christmas party at my new office – they rent out a ballroom, we get dressed up, fancy food, the whole 9 yards! I’m really excited, I’ve never had one before. 🙂

    And could you send me some raspberry banana soft serve with vanilla protein powder? That sounds awesome!

  16. Good luck to your hubs! I keep buying huge watermelons and I probably shouldn’t… I have like no control when it comes to those…

  17. My department is going out for a FREE dinner on the company. My girlfriend is happy because she gets to come too. Haha.

  18. That salad looks freakin’ fabulous!

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