Healthy on a Budget: Gifts that Keep Giving

Many of you are knocking out that Christmas shopping, and I bet a lot of you are probably also making wishlists.  (Yup – mine just keeps growing!)  I’ve created a list of holiday gifts that keep on giving.  For that reason, I’ve added them to my Healthy on a Budget series.


In case you missed previous series posts:

1. Slow Cooker.  If you don’t own one of these babies yet, put it on your wishlist.  Slow cooking and budget meals go hand-in-hand.  You can make lean cuts of meat tender without added fat.  In contrast, you can purchase cheaper cuts of meat, cook them slowly, and then drain off the extra fat and juices at the end.  I also use mine for vegetarian meals with fresh or frozen veggies.  I’m a fan of my buffalo chicken, salsa chicken, and spicy lentil soup.  I also love this vegetarian curry, and Kevin’s crazy about this beef in red wine gravy meal.

2. Fitness gear.  I’m not going to recap how great it is to have a little equipment at home since I covered most of it in last week’s Frugal Fitness post, but you’ll be surprised how much you can get out of a few dumbbells, resistance bands, and a stability ball.

3.  Of-the-Month club. Though wine of the month, cookie of the month, and possibly even Clark Griswald’s jelly of the month clubs all sound appealing, that doesn’t fit into my Healthy on a Budget list.  I’m talking about fruit or veggies of the month.  I asked for a Harry & David fruit club membership in college, and while I think it may have been a bit overpriced, it was very much appreciated.  Perhaps you can find a local CSA to deliver to your door too.


4. Storage containers.  Lamest gift ever?  Perhaps.  Incredibly useful for months or years to come?  Heck yeah.  Packed lunches or smartly stored leftover dinners contribute to a healthy waistline and a healthy wallet.  Kevin and I are both very good about prepped lunches, so these are an must at our house.  Glass containers are becoming even more affordable, but let’s face it, if someone else gets it for you, the price is definitely right.

  • So those are my top pics – what are yours?

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18 Responses to Healthy on a Budget: Gifts that Keep Giving

  1. I love my slow-cooker, and my exercise resistance bands, AND my glass containers! And cash, of course 🙂

  2. Nichole says:

    OK, the storage container won me the “lamest gift” last year from my brother, but darn it all if he doesn’t use that Pyrex every single day. I think it’s a great gift:)

  3. i bought my mom a slow cooker!

  4. Hooray for slow cookers! I can’t imagine my life without mine. Storage containers are an awesome gift, btw. 😀

  5. Everyone needs a slow cooker!

  6. I love and use my slow cooker atleast once a week… more during the cold/winter months! 🙂

  7. I got my mom a slow cooker for Christmas once and seriously thought it was the lamest thing ever, but she absolutely loves that thing. I’m really considering asking for one of my own, if for nothing else, then to at least be able to make slow cooker applesauce 😀

  8. Amber @ ExSoyCise says:

    I love these healthy on a budget tips!! So many people think that a healthy lifestyle is expensive and out of reach and clearly they are not!

  9. I love the idea of giving a CSA! Never thought of that. Now that’s a healthy subscription.

  10. TOTALLY doing fitness gifts & of-the-month clubs this year! 🙂 What else do I like to give? Well I really like to just give useful gifts, maybe an electronic that needs updating or something like that (if I can afford it that is, lol!)

  11. I would love a slower cooker! It would be so nice to come home at nigh and have a warm dinner waiting, especially on chilly winter evening. I also love Lunch Bots, which are stainless steal containers for lunches, ect.. They are a little pricier than glass, but they hold up well and are soooo much lighter than most glass containers

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