Hubby of the Year

Yesterday, I mentioned I had a hair appointment Thursday night after work.  Well, I actually had a bit more than just a hair appointment.  When I called Kevin to let him know I was on the way home, he said he planned a surprise dinner for me.*

*This is the same man who in college cooked pasta and put a glob of peanut butter on it to make “peanut sauce.”  Yes, it’s the same man who through a slice of Kraft American cheese on a frozen pizza to make it cheesier.  Uh-huh… you’re with me on this.

As soon as I walked in the door, Kevin asked, “How many calories have you had today?”  I asked if I should probably just stop counting, and he nodded.  I have to admit, the house smelled gooooooood.

dinner    dinner

Yup – he made this!  It was delicious, but more importantly, it was meaningful.  I had forgotten that I emailed him this recipe months ago with a message saying, “If you ever cook for me, make this!”  He actually did.

egg boats

Thanks Sweetie!  (Though it’s your fault if I don’t fit in my little black dress this weekend.)


Luckily for me, this awesome dinner was followed with an awesome run the next morning.  I completed 3 miles of speed intervals before banging out a heavy leg day.  Take that squats!  *Avoiding the scale – focusing on the results instead.  😉


The weekend is off to a good start.  I hope yours is too!

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11 Responses to Hubby of the Year

  1. Awww… That is very sweet! I love it!

  2. Hubby of the year, indeed! That looks fantastic!!

  3. Oh my gosh that looks amazing! What a sweet hubby you have. 😀

  4. Dinner looked amazing!! And…so wonderful that you are focusing on results and not the scale…I’m trying to do the same! Happy Saturday!

  5. Great hubby! That was so sweet of him to do.

    I TOTALLY agree about avoiding the scale and focusing on results.

  6. Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    YUM…major hubby bonus points! Mine got good marks as well wit our date night yesterday – amazing movie, amazing new restaurant = so much fun!

    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. – so insanely jealous of your run

  7. Ack! That dinner looks so, SO good! How sweet of Kevin to make that for you. Brownie points for sure! 😀

  8. How adorable! What a fun and thoughtful surprise–and therefore, totally worth the calorie splurge! Have a great weekend!

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  10. Wow, I am impressed. My husband tried to cook for me only to text me asking how to turn on the oven. We ended up with “gourmet” sandwiches.

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