Resting Up

This weekend involved a lot of resting.  I had to rest my body from the previous week (or three).  You can ready more about why I’m healing more than workout out this week from Saturday’s post.

Anyone love Precor bikes as much as I do?

I still made it to the gym for a bit of biking and leg work Saturday, but there was a whole lotta’ sitting going on around my house.

Today I’m still going to the gym, but I think I’ll do both chest and back today with light stationary biking, which are normally separated per this month’s routine That will leave more time tomorrow for pilates and swimming.

I did plenty of sitting on Saturday while watching college ball.  Hurray for another Clemson win!  I think the pony, paw prints, and purple sweater had something to do with it.


On Sunday, I did a lot of sitting at the computer.  My buddy’s getting married, so we’ve been emailing about wedding stuff.  Yup – this girl gets to be in it.  Yay!!!

Speaking of weddings, it wasn’t long ago my other buddy got her wedding photos back from the photographer.  Check out this hot couple.  Rawwwrrrrr.  I love photographers and their editing skills.

Dress: Jessica Simpson, Necklace: J Crew (thanks Kevin),
Purse: Kate Spade (thanks Karen!)

The resting doesn’t end there, while physically resting, I also had to do a bit of mental resting.  I tend to stress more than I should around the holidays, so it was good for me to take a breather.  Let’s hope the lower stress levels continue throughout the week…

  • How are your workouts as of late?  Hopefully better than mine!
  • Do you stress around the holidays?

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15 Responses to Resting Up

  1. MizFit says:

    Im jealous of yer first sentence.

  2. My workouts have been a wee bit lackluster. I’m hoping the holidays and all the food that are coming closer will give me the new kick in the butt I need.

  3. Lynette says:

    My workouts are on pause due to an injury I got yesterday. Hopefully up and running next weekend!

  4. Great picture of you two!! My workouts are kind of sad as well. I had to take a week off a few weeks ago for some medical stuff and have been having difficulty getting back into the grove of things. I think its a mix between all the hurricane drama and the changing weather.

  5. Let’s not talk workouts haha. I am glad you too a break this weekend!

  6. Workouts are few and far between, but I did run a 5k this weekend. I’m nervous though that not having another one to run until spring will make me slip…

  7. I definitely get a little bit stressed around the holidays, but that’s usually because I leave everything until the last minute and run around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done on time. It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to break, but at the same time, I kind of enjoy that last minute rush… Just remember that everything always works out in the end 🙂

    • Tiff says:

      That’s too funny; I’m the opposite. I normally get things ready way ahead of time, but if you do that with food holidays, stuff just goes bad. 🙁 Grrrr

  8. Kacy says:

    I can 100% relate to the holiday stress thing. I’ve actually been hitting the gym like crazy lately to offset that stress (plus I just signed up at the gym and it’s crazy expensive which also guilts me into going, haha.) You look beautiful in that picture!

  9. I love the love dress!

    My workouts have been good, but I’m chilling out this week while I’m on vacation. Ready to hit it hard again for the remainder of the holidays though!

  10. Sometimes rest is just what you need!

    My workouts = running and tennis. The usual.

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