Tight n’ Tone Circuit

On Tuesday morning, I was supposed to hit the gym, run, and follow up with some back and ab work.  Well, it was rainy, and my bed was comfy.  I still made it to the gym, but since I overslept 10… errrr… 20 minutes, I only squeezed in a run and the back exercises.

nike tempo

*Side Note: Remember how I mentioned how Nike Tempo shorts flatter NO ONE – see above for exhibit A.  I swear I have a butt.  It may not be much of one, but I have one gosh dangit!

So yesterday, I created this circuit to quickly incorporate the core work I skipped on Tuesday with the shoulder work I had planned.  I got pretty sweaty, so I think that counts for something.


There’s the circuit, but lemme’ give you a little breakdown.  Do a warmup.  That’s important.  Next, do 10 minutes on the elliptical.  You can substitute your favorite cardio, but keep this first part at a steady yet challenging pace/resistance.  Bust out of that comfort zone!

Okay, then it’s onto the first circuit, which you do twice.  Feel free to rest between each round of the circuit if you need it.  I had to catch my breath, but I didn’t think it was really “rest worthy.”

You pretty much continue as it states, but I’d like to mention that the first set of intervals are more speed focused and the second set are more resistance focused. Don’t forget a lil’ cool down as well.

Got it?  Y’all are smart cookies.  I have faith in you.  I also now have a craving for cookies.

  • Do you ever wear things you know are unflattering?

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12 Responses to Tight n’ Tone Circuit

  1. Pinned it!!! And, I may do it this morning 🙂

  2. That workout looks awesome! I’m taking a mini break from exercise right now, but I’m definitely going to try it once I get back to the gym!

  3. Such a killer-looking workout. Love the graphic. 🙂

    I definitely wear unflattering clothes. My favorite shirt is a brown men’s XL flannel that I’ve had since high school. #sorryimnotsorry

  4. Looks like a great workout! Nothing wrong with sleeping in if you can still get that sweaty circuit in!
    I wear unflattering clothes every night after our workouts! Baggy sweats and a t!

  5. Kacy says:

    I am thick around the middle, so I already run the risk of people thinking I look pregnant, but for some reason I still feel the need to wear empire waisted dresses, which just make it even worse. I’m trying to stop bying them, but they are so common it’s hard not to!

  6. mm I love this workout.. Cant wait to try it out!

  7. Yea for a “quickie”! Looks like a great workout to get after it in a short amount of time. I don’t wear them much anymore but when I do wear Nike Tempo’s I’m constantly looking in the mirror to see how BAD my butt looks!

  8. I’ve always loved circuit workouts because they make time go by faster and keep me from wanting to crawl out of my skin from boredom – this one looks awesome!

  9. I wear so many workout clothes that are unflattering – but they work. 🙂

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