Runner’s Knee and Runner’s Pasta

Happy Friday Eve!  It has been a while since I’ve said that, but given my big plans for the weekend, it needed saying.


Jalapeno Egg Breakfast with a Corn Tortilla

As you noticed from this month’s workout and last month’s workout, I’m devoting actual gym time to physical therapy.  These are exercises is could do from home, but whenever I say, oh I’ll get around to them in the evening, it never happens.

Although I have “PT Exercises” listed on my training schedule, I haven’t spelled out most of the moves.  I shared one last month, but I want to start highlighting some of my favorites.  These are a mix of exercises for both runner’s knee and my more recent hip aggravation/injury.  I think both are related, so I find one no more important than the other.

Runner's Knee     Runner's Knee

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The move above is one I do regularly.  I perform 3 sets of 8 or 10 reps per side with my foot pointed toward the ceiling at 90 degrees (as shown), but I sit up nearly straight when I do them.


Kev’s Dinner: I made baked pasta with pork sausage

Then, after a little stretch, I do it again with my foot pointed at a 45 degree angle outward.  After another little stretch, I do it again with my foot pointed inward at about 135 degrees.  These are really hard for me, so I usually just do 3 of 8 for both sides.


Tiff’s Dinner: Butternut squash pasta n’ greens

Sorry about all the random food photos throughout this post.  What can I say, runners love pasta.  Of course, so does the hubby, a non-runner but a good eater.

In case you were wondering, I sort of followed this Cooking Light recipe while making his dinner last night.  I’m still wondering how this magazine gets away with using the word light.


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22 Responses to Runner’s Knee and Runner’s Pasta

  1. I’m glad you’re keeping up with the PT exercises. I was always horrible at the recovery stage (hang my head in shame) during an injury.

  2. Let’s be real… Who DOESN’T love pasta? I think anyone who says they don’t are lying. 🙂

  3. mm that baked pasta looks fab!

  4. My knees always give me problems so this is really helpful!

  5. Nichole says:

    When your knee starts to get a twinge there is nothing worse! Always smart to workout ahead of the problem for prevention.

    Carb load me baby!!

  6. I flippin’ love Cooking Light. I used one of their “best of” cookbooks for such a long time when I was teaching myself to cook and it’s still one of the only books I still refer to! I hope the PT moves are helping!

  7. Lynette says:

    I’m such a sucker for pasta! Especially before a big race. And I’m deff. going to try the pasta/sausage back soon.

  8. I love your random food! And pasta. Is it weird I think of winter as pasta season?

  9. lindsay says:

    who doesn’t love pasta? haha. and my husband has the same exercises. Oh knees, they are buggers, aren’t they?

  10. Butternut squash pasta? Yum. I always say I’m not really crazy about pasta, but I think it’s only because I’m really picky with pasta. When it comes to things like ravioli or homemade Mac&cheese? I die.

  11. The “light” in cooking light always baffles me sometimes too! One recipe I made a long time ago called for pan frying breaded chicken…but man was it good! 😉

  12. It’s funny that you mention the oddity of the light in Cooking Light. Over the years I have seen them–very vocally–abandon many notions of light recipe and instead embrace an idea of ‘everything in moderation.’ I do think the title is a little midleading these days, however. 🙂

  13. Great work with the PT! I’m still trying to do my old stuff while getting in my new stuff- it’s hard to make yourself do at home!

  14. I think I’m the ONLY runner that doesn’t like pasta!

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