Shake up the Routine

This week has kicked off a new workout routine.  I loved the last one, and I’ll miss it.  I was able to set a new squat record, significantly increase core definition and strength, and still increase my running miles.

However, it’s time to shake things up a bit.  I have a somewhat similar routine that I have done in the past.  I found this worn-out sheet in my binder of collected workout tips n’ tricks.  I have no idea if I created it or when I last completed it, but apparently it was worth keeping.


Odds are I created it, or at least customized it to fit my needs, so with a few more tweaks, here it is.


I hope ya’ like it.  I actually had to get to the office early yesterday, so I didn’t even have time to do day one according to plan.  I still got in a good chest workout at home, so I’m not too worked up about it.  Even though I have the day off today to vote, I’m still hitting the gym early.  (Side Note – I’m no physical trainer; I just know what works for me.)

Happy Election Day!

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19 Responses to Shake up the Routine

  1. Nichole says:

    You are READING my mind! I need some motivation. You have some great variety in your workouts. Mixing it up always helps!

  2. Looks like an awesome workout, especially Sunday!
    That’s awesome you get the day off to vote! I hope you get it done quickly so you have time to relax!

  3. Ughh you’re reminding me that I REALLY need to get back to the gym! 🙁 With the hurricane last week, I hardly got any workouts in and the one run I did killed me!! I may use this as some motivation for myself!

  4. It’s always good to switch things up to keep from getting bored, and you can always go back to your previous workout in the future. Hope you’re having an awesome day off, girlie! 😀

  5. Im bookmarking all your workouts for my after baby mission of getting my body back!

  6. Farrah says:

    Congrats on the blog move! I really like your workout plan. I should really get into planning my workouts for the week instead of just each day.

  7. Amber @ ExSoyCise says:

    My workout plan is on a busted piece of paper too! Haha 🙂 Lifting heavy motivates me the most! Love your workout! I will have to save that one!

  8. I love workout plans like this one! I have one similar that is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing this workout plan. I always have trouble figuring out what do for my workouts. I’m in a bit of a cardio rut – okay, I’ve always been a cardio queen – and am trying to add strength training in, but I don’t know exactly what to do!

    • Tiff says:

      I’d start with a full-body plan with reps in the 10-12 range. I wish I were more of a cardio queen; I’m too ADD on those machines! Haha

  10. I definitely think it’s good to know what works for your own body type (and personality). I really prefer the heavy weights with lower reps. Sometimes it’s good to change it up though so I have to remember to change my workout plans around.

  11. Kierston says:

    I love working out my shoulders!

    Shaking things up is always fun! 🙂

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  13. I like that you change up your workouts! I am so intimidated by strength training… I don’t know what all of these mean and how to do them correctly! I have to take time and really get a move on with it!

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