What I Ate The Day Before Halloween

Happy Halloween! As of yet, I have not dug into my stash of Halloween candy. The goal is to open it for the first trick-or-treater and have exactly 49 little ghouls/goblins/witches/supermen come to the door so that I have only 1 Reese’s cup leftover for myself. We’ll see how that works out for me.

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Pre-Gym – slice of low-sodium Ezekiel bread & my last Aminolast packet (actually this was between running and lifting)


Breakfast – a schmear of pb on a slice of low-sodium ‘zeek bread with half an apple (*tip: thinly slice your apple and microwave it for about 20 seconds to soften it up – yum!)

breakfastSnack – ridiculously good banana bread


Lunch – salad (lettuce, cabbage, boiled egg, sunflower seeds, carrots, broccoli, & Newman’s Own lite honey mustard)


Snack -7 almonds and a small honeycrisp apple

Dinner – tempeh Guinness pumpkin pie – Recipe Coming Tomorrow – and some bedtime snack baked potato chips, whoops!


Don’t scare too many little kids, and don’t eat too much candy. Wow, I really took the fun out of that, didn’t I? Have fun tonight!

  • What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
  • Please tell me you don’t give out stickers or toothbrushes. 😉

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17 Responses to What I Ate The Day Before Halloween

  1. Everything looks tasty. I haven’t found any honeycrisp yet…must go on a search!

  2. I love all halloween candy, but 100 grand bars are totally my favorite. SO good. :)

  3. Jessie says:

    well since this banana bread is so good, I must make soon :)

    Favorite candy: reeses pb cups!

  4. Let us know how the 49-trick-o-treaters work out! 😉 Thanks for the tip on the apple slices!

  5. Lynette says:

    I love your theory! Every year I secretly wish that, never happens though. My favorite candy has always been Reese’s. That salad looks delicious!

  6. Haha, good luck with your halloween plan! I currently don’t have any halloween candy in the house, and I’m not planning on buying it until the second I give it away. Otherwise it’s all gonna end up in mah belly…

    Happy WIAW, Tiff:)

  7. I’m a big fan of candy corn. It just screams halloween. :) I’m curious about the tempeh recipe . . .

  8. um I made the mistake of buying two HUGE bags of candy from Costco.. I just hope we get a lot of kids this year!

  9. Hehe I’m not sure your Halloween plan of action would work out well for me because I don’t think I’ll be getting many kids this year – it’s just too cold! It looks like I’ll be snacking on KitKats and Coffee Crisps for a while…

  10. I love how your cat’s face was framed perfectly by the bite out of your banana bread. Haha. :)

    Looking forward to that Guiness pumpkin pie. Sounds delicious!

    Favorite Halloween candy: Dark chocolate kit-kats!

  11. We don’t get any trick-or-treaters at my house. In the 2 years i’ve lived there we’ve had a total of probably 5, so this year I’m going to my parents for dinner, who also don’t get any ever bc they live out in the boonies. lol.

  12. Haha I didn’t know bread had enough sodium to need a “low sodium” version. You can’t go wrong with Ezekiel though!

  13. That dinner sounds delicious!
    We only had about a third of the kids we normally get due to the cold. So now I have SO much chocolate and candy left! My faves are Peanut Butter Cups, sour Skittles, and the cream eggs!

  14. Haha! Nice plan there Tiff…hope it worked out for ya! 😉 Yay for cookie nookie!! So sad I finished my jar…best damn peanut butter EVER! Mmm, can’t wait to see the recipe for that tempeh pumpkin pie!

    I’m not a huge candy person (cookies are my kryptonite) but it’s rare that I turn down a free Reese’s cup! 😉

  15. My favorite candy as a kid was always skittles… YUM.

    How did not eating but only 1 peanut butter cup go yesterday?

    xoxo from Trinidad

    • Tiff says:

      Not well! I have so much candy leftover. It’s shoved in a hiding spot in my pantry, but I need to find a way to get rid of it!

  16. Doing vegan month for October eliminates most of the Halloween treats and temptations for me…its both a great (and sad) thing…

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